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Blockchain-based voting systems are not trusted by MIT cybersecurity experts

Although the legitimacy of the electoral process continues to be challenged by some parties in the United States. A group of researchers are arguing against using Internet-based and blockchain-based voting systems in the future. According to a Nov. 16 study by researchers at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of […]

Blockchain voting using Voatz

West Virginia Abandons Blockchain Voting in Favour of Paper

On Feb 27, West Virginia decided against using blockchain voting platform Voatz for residents with disabilities and citizens residing abroad to cast their votes in the state’s upcoming primary election. Instead, citizens will vote using a platform offered by Democracy Live. The platform, Democracy Live, allows voters to either fill out a ballot or print […]

Cybersecurity Firm Kaspersky Develops Blockchain Voting Machine

Blockchain voting is gaining more traction in the United States despite the abysmal failure of mobile voting at the Iowa Democratic Caucus earlier this month. Companies at the forefront of blockchain technology realize the potential of the products they are developing to not only transform the global economy but also the way voters cast their […]