Blockchain-based shopify plugin

Blockchain Shopify Plugin Ensures Authentic Products for Consumers

We all are well-aware of the Shopify plugin. But blockchain-based Shopify plugin is a whole new thing both for the crypto traders/investors and individual consumers. Recently, a piece of news comes into the limelight that explains a San Francisco-based startup “Real Items Foundation” is beta testing a Shopify plugin. It includes blockchain technology to ensure […]

VeChain’s My Story Platform Helps Italian Wineries Track Wine Quality

VeChain’s My Story Platform Helps Italian Wineries Track Wine Quality

VeChain, a Singapore-based tracking platform, has disclosed the official adoption of My Story, a dApp by three Italian wineries. The wineries Ricci Curbastro, Ruffino Wines, and West Wind Wines will use My Story label and VeChain hardware tags to tag their wine bottles. Users will be able to gain in-depth information of the wine contained in each bottle by scanning the unique QR code present in each tag.

MoU cyprus blockchain

Blockchain powered Economic Development on cards for Cyprus

VeChain, a Singapore based blockchain platform, and the U.S. blockchain startup CREAM along with Invest Cyprus, the national investment partner of the Republic of Cyprus, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for creating a framework for blockchain and its related cases to enhance economy structure of Cyprus, as per a press release published Oct. 26