Here’s How the US-China Tension Could Benefit Bitcoin

Tensions between the US and China have risen in recent weeks. The US economy has declined in response, although some observers say it has also helped drive the bitcoin (BTC) cost lower to just under USD 12,000. While the further deterioration of US-China relations could benefit Bitcoin, figures from the crypto-industry told that sanctions […]


Bitcoin Up in a Year Again: Hits USD 11,000, Dominance Grows

It took one day for the most popular cryptocurrency, bitcoin (BTC), to climb from the long-awaited level of USD 10,000 to USD 11,000, boosting its market dominance and again showing positive returns in the past 12 months. However, even among the top 10 coins, BTC is still not the best performer. At pixel time (04:40 […]

Chinese Blockchain-Powered Cross-Border Trade Pilot Handles USD 4.4 Billion

Operators of a Chinese blockchain-powered cross-border trading pilot platform are expected to broaden the platform’s reach. With multi-million dollar trading deals now underway in a key test bed field. Per Haiwainet the central government is checking the network ‘s efficacy in the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao. Also known as the Delta of the […]

Tether, Faces Regulatory Uncertainties

Tether, Faces Regulatory Uncertainty- Report

According to a new report by Coin Metrics, the crypto research firm, Tether, and stablecoins. Despite being widely used. May face uncertain futures as governments step up their regulatory scrutiny of the sector. This year’s most popular stablecoin, USDT, has come under growing scrutiny from government regulators. This was further reinforced last week when the […]

Digital Yuan Will Have Trouble Displacing Tether in Asia: Expert

China’s central bank’s digital currency is generally known as a way to challenge the supremacy of the US dollar, not Bitcoin (BTC). Yet acceptance in niches where crypto versions of the dollar flourish can be difficult to find, especially Tether (USDT). Charles Yang of Genesis Block explained at the Unitize panel on Monday why DCEP, […]