US House of Representatives

US House of Representatives gets new crypto tax bill

United States House of Representatives has introduced a tax bill that will allow the exclusion of gain or loss on like-kind exchanges of virtual currency. The bill is called ”virtual value tax fix act of 2019”. Ted Budd, a Republican Congressman from North Carolina, decided to reintroduce this crypto tax bill.

New Jersey citizen arrested for illegal bitcoin exchange

New Jersey Resident Charged for Running Illegal Bitcoin Exchange

The New Jersey Attorney Office has accused William Green of Monmouth County over an illegal bitcoin exchange. The 46 years old Green was illegally exchanging customers’ money into bitcoins for a fee. The New Jersey Attorney Office alleges that he earned over $2 million cash with his illegal bitcoin exchange…

Bitcoin ransomware in China

Bitcoin Ransomware Ryuk Now Threatens Chinese Enterprises

Ryuk, a bitcoin ransomware virus is now targeting Chinese enterprises. It has already gatecrashed over 100 government and private entities in the US and is now behind China. It has victimized the logistic, technology sectors and small municipalities that acquires high data value. It is asking for a ransom of around $5 million in bitcoins.

US users banned from crypto trading

Bancor: US Users To be Banned From Crypto Trading On Its Platform

Decentralized crypto exchange Bancor announced that US users are banned from crypto trading on its platform starting from July 8. The announcement cited the uncertainty in the US crypto laws as the reason behind this strong decision. This announcement comes from the official blog post of the company. The post stated that this move would […]

blockchain based supply chain tracking

Retail Giant Target To Launch Blockchain Based Supply Chain Tracking

US-based retail giant Target has announced to launch an open source blockchain based supply chain tracking. The company would integrate its components into the Hyperledger Grid project framework. This news comes from the official blog post of the company. According to the VP, the retailer worked with the blockchain technology called ConsenSource since mid-2018. However, Target […]

Bittrex will block 32 crypto assets For US

Bittrex Will Block 32 Crypto Assets For US Users

A big-time crypto exchange Bittrex announced it will block 32 crypto assets for US-based users. This news comes from an official Bittrex blog post. The users will get an email that will provide guidance on what they can and cannot do with such tokens before the change comes into effect The users will not be […]