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Iranian general calls for use of crypto to evade sanctions

Iranian General Calls for Use of Crypto to Evade Sanctions

This week an Iranian general called for a unique way to bypass the sanctions on his country enforced by the United States. Saeed Muhammad, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, called for Iran to use cryptocurrencies to evade economic sanctions. According to the Telegram channel of Coinit.ir, a crypto news organization based in Iran, […]

Blockchain for the environment

Blockchain for the Environment: It’s Real and It’s Here

Every week sears a new image of climate change into our collective consciousness. A few decades ago, we heard about ozone holes and ice melting at slightly higher rates than anticipated. Today, the reminders of climate change are more visceral and immediate: California’s hills and forests burn, Venice’s city council chamber floods, and Iceland holds […]

Blockchain App HOOXI

UN Signs MOU with NGO to Implement Blockchain App HOOXI

To take a stand against climatic issues, United Nations is partnering up with W-Foundation. The latter is an NGO from South Korea and both parties have signed up a Memo of Understanding(MoU). Basically, the agreement focuses on the use of Blockchain App HOOXI. This app belongs to W-Foundation. It will influence its user to take […]

Japanese Firm Itochu to Develop Blockchain-based Traceability System

Japanese Firm Itochu to Develop Blockchain-based Traceability System

Itochu Corporation, a Japan-based trading company, has started a Proof-of-concept which will focus on developing a blockchain traceability system for enhancing the trading processes. As per reports, the platform will enable buyers and sellers record the transaction details such asĀ date, time, location, etc. on blockchain via a smartphone app. The PoC will use the rubber supply chain of Pt. Aneka Bumi Pratama, an Indonesia-based crumb rubber firm co-owned by Itochu.