cryptocurrency exchange platform binance

Binance Adds Support for AUD and GBP Faster Payments Service

The cryptocurrency exchange platform, Binance, adds two new features on its platform. First, it enables support for the UK’s faster payments scheme for British Pound (GBP) transfers. Second, it extends its support for the Australian Dollar (AUD) for its direct fiat-to-crypto buying facility. New Features Released by Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Binance via Banxa According to […]

First BTC FX

First BTC FX, People on Alert as FCA Warns About The Clone Firm

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has warned people about a new clone firm. The clone firm’s name goes by First BTC FX. It is impersonating a legitimate company authorized by the FCA First Global(UK) Limited…

National Liberal Party

UK’s National Liberal Party to adopt pro Crypto consumer policy

The National Liberal Party (NLP) of the UK has become the first UK political party to introduce a coherent forward-looking policy on cryptocurrency. It argues that the current crypto policy has failed and the government hasn’t taken any action…

Crypto scammers sends scam emails

Crypto Scammers Use UK Financial Regulator’s Identity to Send Scam Email

An FCA masked scam email has been moving around encouraging users to make crypto investments. These fraud emails claim to be from the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and try to lure the users into the trap. These fraudsters use the branding and logo of the FCA to make it appear more real to the prey. The scam email assures the users a guaranteed chance of earning on investments…

Samsung Files Trademark For Cryptocurrency Wallet in UK

Samsung Files Trademark For Cryptocurrency Wallet in UK

Samsung has filed application for a trademark for a cryptocurrency wallet in the UK. It is assumed that the company is planning to add a cryptocurrency cold wallet to its smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S10. As per the application filed, Samsung is looking forward to using computer software for cryptocurrency wallet and computer software for cryptocurrency transfer and payment with blockchain technology.