Thai SEC

Thai SEC has proposed new rules for digital asset custodians

Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) continues to introduce new cryptocurrency regulations, citing investor protection concerns. The Thai Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) proposed new regulations on Wednesday. Concerning the custody of investors’ cryptocurrency holdings by digital asset business operators. The newly proposed rules cover fiat money custody for digital asset accounts, cryptocurrency lending, and […]


Thailand will target DeFi in its latest regulatory crackdown

Thailand’s financial regulators have turned their attention to decentralized finance, or DeFi, in their latest attempt to regulate the cryptocurrency industry. Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has announced that any activities related to DeFi may require a license from the financial regulator in the near future, according to a June 1 report from Bangkok […]

Huobi Thailand

Huobi Thailand Launches Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

The advance of coronavirus in the region hasn’t precluded the launch of Huobi Thailand, which allows for a fiat gateway to BTC, ETH, HT, and USDT from the start. It plans to expand the offering in the near future according to the company’s press release the media received on 5th March. Licensing Last year, Huobi […]

IMF Issues Stability Assessment Report on Malta Financial Services Authority

Ripple and Finablr’s UAE Exchange Extend Reach in Thailand with Blockchain Payment Services

Finablr, a UAE-based payments and foreign exchange firm, has announced its collaboration with Ripple to introduce a blockchain-based payment service to streamline cross-border remittances and payment system in Thailand. The company has stated that its brands, namely UAE Exchange and Unimoni, are partnering with Ripple to make money transfer across borders faster and more secure. The organization has also disclosed its plans to extend its services to other countries, gradually.

Thailand Government to Introduce Blockchain-based Voting Platform

Thailand Government to Introduce Blockchain-based e-Voting Platform

The National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC) of Thailand, a statutory government organization, has developed a blockchain-powered e-voting platform. The system is aimed at conducting secure elections in a faster and cheaper way. As per NECTEC, the traditional voting system can be aligned with the blockchain platform after adopting 5G Internet.

Thailand’s Revenue Department To Use Blockchain For Tracking VAT Payments

Thailand’s Revenue Department To Use Blockchain For Tracking VAT Payments

Thailand’s Revenue Department has announced that it is testing blockchain to track value-added tax (VAT) payments. The department wants to implement the distributed ledger technology to inhibit VAT refund frauds.As reported, the nation is also planning to adopt machine learning and artificial intelligence to study tax fraud practices. This will help people with a enter the formal tax system. 

Rap against Dictatorship

Thailand Anti-Gov Music “Rap against Dictatorship” Gets Blockchain Protection

Activists against Government and Military Authorities of Thailand have come up with a new way of protecting their controversial music video “Rap against Dictatorship” from getting censored on YouTube. They are using crypto tech to prevent unwanted censorship from the board. The activists have released the video on YouTube on October 22 which then took the entire nation by storm and has received 28 million impressions since then.