Crypto in Cuba

Crypto in Cuba: Adoption and Challenges

The economic sanctions by the United States have paved the way for the usage of crypto in Cuba. However, cryptocurrencies are facing numerous challenges.¬†This includes a lack of regulations, limited access to crypto exchanges and the growth of gold-backed MLM stablecoin…

Tezos Foundation is issuing grants

Tezos Foundation is Now Offering Grants for Tezos Focused Projects

After the announcement of the grants, the Tezos Foundation is finally issuing grants to the Tezos-based projects for its development. The criteria of these projects focus on applications based on Tezos smart contracts, block explorers, training resources, etc…


Telegram app will provide Crypto trading to its users

A large section of the trading community is still about to adopt digital currency trading. Thus, Button Wallet is bringing peer-to-peer digital asset services to 300 million Telegram app users. It aims mass inclusion into cryptocurrency trading…

telegram launches test client for TON

Telegram Launches Test Client for TON

Finally, the messaging app telegram launches test client for TON.¬† The beta testing for the network was live last April to selected test engineers. Currently, there is a list of files available for download on the TON blockchain network. Among these files, the original TON whitepaper is also available. It has a generic description of […]


Messaging App Telegram will Launch its Own Network TON

Telegram, the popular messaging application will start its own network called, Telegram Open Network (TON). It will apparently start working from September 2019 according to a memo sent to the investors by the company. Regardless of initial skepticism, the firm successfully tested its blockchain and consensus algorithm which met the objective of its prototype TON […]

Lite.IM Adds Bitcoin to Crypto Wallet Service

Lite.IM Adds Bitcoin to Crypto Wallet Service

Lite.IM, a crypto wallet, has added support for Bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum, and its native token, ZTX. Now users can send and receive Bitcoins via Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and SMS with the help of chatbots. The chatbot will help in making crypto transactions and checking balance in the wallets.