Zoom Acquires Encryption Startup Keybase to Fix Privacy and Security

Zoom, the undisputed leader in a social distancing age, has acquired Keybase, an end-to-end encryption startup. The acquisition, announced on May 7th, follows on from multiple privacy and security-related scandals. Including the rise of zoombombs, controversial data sharing with Facebook. Also, false claims that video calls have been encrypted. And revelations that nefarious actors have […]

blockchain in agriculture

UK Startup Puts Haitian Farmers and Their Crops on the Blockchain

A UK tech company recently announced a blockchain ecosystem for farmers in Haiti, bringing clarity to the supply chain while bolstering sales. Agriledger, a blockchain outfit based in the United Kingdom, was responsible for building this new ecosystem. Their goal was ensuring that farmers receive adequate pay for their crops, a Feb 28 post from […]