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Coinbase Earn Initiates A Course On MakerDao’s Stablecoin

Coinbase Earn, the educational domain of the Coinbase is adding a course on MakerDao’s stablecoin dai. The users can take the help of this course for learning and earning purposes. It offers users with videos and quizzes about the stablecoin. This is the first stablecoin to be involved in the course. The information comes from […]


OKLink To Introduce A New USD Stablecoin USDK

Popular cryptocurrency exchange OKLink is gearing up to launch a stablecoin.  The stablecoin USDK will be introduced in collaboration with Prime Trust, the US-based custodian. OKLink announced the partnership by uploading copies of the inked deal between OKLink and Prime Trust on its official Twitter handle. OKLink is the subsidiary firm of popular crypto exchange OKEx. […]

Bitfinex Will Launch USTD

Bitfinex Will Launch USTD On The Lightning Network

The crypto giant Bitfinex will launch USTD on the Lightning Network shortly. The sister firm, Tether is in charge of the USTD stablecoin. The information comes from the CTO at Bitfinex when he spoke to a popular news outlet. According to him, this is one of the coolest things the company has ever worked on. […]

Ontology Will Launch New Stablecoin

Ontology Will Launch New Stablecoin on its Own Blockchain

Popular Enterprise blockchain platform Ontology will launch new stablecoin PAXO on its own blockchain. This information comes from an official press release. It is a version of the regulated US Dollar backed stablecoin Paxos Standard. New stablecoin PAXO will be based on Ontology’s token standard OEP-4. PAXO will enable atomic swaps between the Ontology-based blockchain and […]

Facebook Plans to Introduce Cryptocurrency for WhatsApp Transfers

Facebook Plans to Introduce Cryptocurrency for WhatsApp Transfers

Facebook Inc. has announced its plans to introduce a new crypto coin that will allow users transfer money using WhatsApp. The social media company first aims to target the Indian remittances market. The firm is working on developing a stablecoin or a digital currency that will be pegged to the US dollar to eliminate the volatility in crypto markets.