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neo and incognito partners

Neo and Incognito Chain Partners to Ensure Top-Notch Privacy

Neo goes incognito today for offering top-notch privacy – the official announcement says. The open-source blockchain decentralized application platform, Neo, was first found in 2014 by Erik Zhang and Da HongFei. Since its rebranding to Neo from Antshares in 2017, it is continuously improving to realize a smart economy by using blockchain technology. And today, […]

Tezos Foundation is issuing grants

Tezos Foundation is Now Offering Grants for Tezos Focused Projects

After the announcement of the grants, the Tezos Foundation is finally issuing grants to the Tezos-based projects for its development. The criteria of these projects focus on applications based on Tezos smart contracts, block explorers, training resources, etc…

CertiK launches a security based blockchain

CertiK Introduces a New Security Based Blockchain

CertiK, the blockchain cybersecurity firm is introducing its own security-based blockchain CertiK Chain. The primary aspect of this development is to provide a secure blockchain infrastructure for the users. The nodes of this blockchain will work on a verified hypervisor/concurrent OS kernel CertiKOS…

Blockchain in Education

Potential Uses of Blockchain in Education

Education is the next industry that blockchain will revolutionize. Its global community features consensus, transparency, and permanence which is synonymous to the blockchain. Like education, blockchain not only intends to transfer just content but also the value inherent in that content…

ETH based Cloud Interaction

Google Cloud Teams up With Chainlink’s Middleware For an ETH based Cloud Interaction

The Google Cloud has teamed up with Chainlink’s Oracle Middleware for an ETH based cloud interaction. The collaboration will also help on chain interaction with ETH’s DApps and smart contracts. The information comes from a blog post by Google. ETH’s DApps will integrate data from sources outside the blockchain through a partnership with Chainlink. This […]

Blockchain based smart contracts

Zilliqa Launches First-Ever Blockchain Based Smart Contracts

Blockchain platform Zilliqa has announced the launch of its first Smart Contracts. The project is built on its own platform. The launch will help developers write and deploy smart contracts on the Zilliqa blockchain. The functional smart contract language, Scilla will help with the new project. President and chief scientific officer Amrit Kumar listed the core features […]

WSBA Collaborates with R3 for Enhancing Blockchain Adoption

Wall Street Blockchain Alliance Partners with R3 for Corda Blockchain

The Wall Street Blockchain Alliance, a non-profit trade association that promotes adoption of blockchain technology and cryptoassets, has collaborated with R3’s blockchain consortium to develop applications based on Corda, R3’s blockchain platform. Under the partnership, Wall Street Blockchain Alliance is looking forward to introducing the trade association to increased use cases that Corda offers. The organisation believes that the alliance will benefit its members with Corda platform.

South Korean Business School to Offer Master's Degree in Crypto and Blockchain Technology

South Korean Business School to Offer Master’s Degree in Crypto and Blockchain Technology

The Seoul School of Integrated Sciences and Technologies (aSSIST), has announced that it is going to offer a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The program has been designed for a duration of one and a half years and intends to complete knowledge on digital currency studies, microeconomics and macroeconomics.

asteroid mining, Planetary Resources, Inc blockchain

Blockchain Software Firm Consensys acquires Asteroid Mining Company Planetary Resources Inc.

In a recent report, the blockchain software firm ConsenSys has acquired the asteroid mining company Planetary Resources Inc to share the deep knowledge of space with the public. As published on October 31, the report stated that the acquisition was completed through an asset-purchase transaction.