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us air force taps blockchain startup to help secure weapons data

US Air Force Taps Blockchain Startup to Help Secure Weapons Data

The US Air Force has signed a contract with blockchain data management company Fluree to more securely track and share information within the military. Blockchain startup Fluree reveals the news on 7th Feb. According to the report, the US Air Force will use its decentralized database to keep track of how information enters its systems, […]

bitcoin-ethereum bridge

RSK Improves Blockchain Interoperability with Bitcoin-Ethereum Bridge

Smart Contract platform that handled RSK has publicized the beginning of a Bitcoin-Ethereum Bridge. The new technology allows users to transfer Bitcoin into dApps developed on the RSK platform. Something similar could be done via the Ethereum blockchain. This invention reflects an improvement in interoperability between blockchain. Again, it’s pivotal for ensuring the improvement and […]

Blockchain in solving business problems

Implementations of Blockchain in Solving Business Problems

In order to run your business smoothly, solving business problems is an important part that you have to look into regularly. These issues can potentially damage your business, therefore solving them should be your priority. Blockchain in solving business problems is very useful…

Wired Author Comments, Blockchain Replaces Trust on Technology

Wired Author Argues That Blockchain Does Not Replace Trust Concerns

Wired, an American online magazine, has published an article that discusses the trust factor claimed by blockchain-powered ecosystems. It has criticized that blockchain does not eliminate the trust from centralized systems, rather displaces it from institutions and social conventions onto the technology. Bruce Schneier, the author of the article, has argued that though bitcoin eliminates the trusted intermediaries that are characteristic of fiat currencies, yet users have to trust bitcoin as well.

BitMart Partners with CertiK for Blockchain Security and Smart Contract Auditing

BitMart Partners with CertiK for Blockchain Security and Smart Contract Auditing

BitMart Exchange signed partnership with CertiK, a blockchain security solutions, to use CertiK auto scan engine services. The company has aligned with CertiK to improve the security of its cryptocurrencies trading platform. The company believes that CertiK team will help them create a highly secure wall.

Russia’s Sberbank uses Smart Contract and Blockchain to Settle Deal

Russia’s Sberbank uses Smart Contract and Blockchain to Settle Deal

Sberbank, the state-owned bank of Russia, has completed a repurchase agreement (repo) using blockchain technology. The bank settled the three-way repo agreement using a smart contract with Region Brokerage Company and Russia’s National Settlement Depository. However, the bank has not yet disclosed the value of the instrument.

Money Laundering

Alibaba proposes for Blockchain powered Administrative Intervention to curb Illegal Transactions

Alibaba has recently filed a patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a blockchain powered administration intervention in case of illegal smart transactions, as published by USPTO on October 4. This smart contract will result in the reduction of hackings or any kind of threats to the Chinese giant conglomerate.