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SIM Swap Hacking

SIM Swap Hacking: BitGo Manager Loses $100,000 BTC

Hacking incidents are now becoming a common occurrence in the crypto domain. As technology gets better, so does its vulnerabilities. Among various kinds of cracking methods, SIM swap hacking is the new modus operandi of the hackers. Most recently, engineering manager for BitGo, Sean Coonce lost around $100,000 value of Bitcoins in a similar attack. […]

SIM Swap Hacking

US Crypto Investor Wins Lawsuit in Sim Swap Hacking Case

In the end, justice always triumphs. This statement stands true for Michael Terpin, as the US Crypto Investor Wins Lawsuit in the sim-swapping fraud case. Terpin will receive $75.8 million from accused ┬áNicholas Truglia of Manhattan in the form of compensation. Back in early 2018, the latter made use of sim swapping technique to steal […]