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kraken donates 17.5 bitcoin

Kraken Donates 17.5 Bitcoin to Collaborative Hackerspace Noisebridge

On Feb 27 Noisebridge advocate and attendee, John Backus work up to see that approximately 17.513 bitcoin – equivalent to about $156,000 at the time – had been deposited into Noisebridge’s cryptocurrency wallet. The unexpected deposit came from U.S. based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken. The exchange sent the bitcoin as a donation in response to a […]

Samsung S10 Steps into Market with Cryptocurrency Storage Feature

Samsung Galaxy S10 Steps into Market with Cryptocurrency Storage Feature

Samsung has launched Galaxy S10 smartphone, featuring cryptocurrency storage to house private cryptocurrency keys. Currently, the phone has been announced in Seoul, San Francisco, and London. According to the company, Galaxy S10 comes with Samsung Knox function that will provide a hardware-backed secure storage for the private keys. The feature is expected to enable the smartphone users experience streamlined blockchain-enabled mobile services. 

Hyundai Knocks Door of Blockchain to Provide Advanced Business Models

Hyundai to Build Financial Supply Chain Ecosystem on Blockchain

Hyundai has announced that its financial services subsidiary, Hyundai Commercial, has selected IBM to build a new financial supply chain ecosystem utilizing Hyperledger Fabric blockchain. As per sources, Hyundai Card, another financial services subsidiary of Hyundai, will also be joining IBM to implement Machine Learning and develop Artificial-Intelligence based Chatbot for support services.