Samsung launches new services for blockchain DApp kit

Samsung adds new services in its blockchain DApp Kit

Smartphone manufacturer Samsung is integrating two new services to its blockchain (DApp) Software Development Kit. The first one is an analytics DApp “Jupiter” and another one is a QR code password wallet “Mars”. These two services are available in Galaxy S10 and other new versions of Samsung…

Samsung will Launch Blockchain Features

Samsung will Launch Blockchain Features on its Budget Smartphones

Soon Samsung will launch blockchain features for its budget range of smartphones. So, more people who have an interest in crypto can make good use of their phones. The Korean smartphone giant will introduce its native digital wallet app on its mid-range devices. As of now, the Samsung Blockchain Wallet app is available on its […]

Samsung SDS Launches Universal Nexledger

Samsung SDS Launches Universal Nexledger: Claims Better Performance and Security

Updating to a new version of the enterprise blockchain platform, Samsung SDS launches Universal Nexledger. It will provide standard API which will see the application development on Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum. With this technology application services like user authentication and payment settlement will be developed. The information comes from the Samsung SDS official press release. […]

Samsung announces BTC and ETH as Crypto Partners for Galaxy S10

Samsung Announces BTC and Ethereum Support and other Crypto Partners for Galaxy S10

Samsung has announced crypto partners for its newly launched Galaxy S10 series. The smartphones will feature various crypto and blockchain related features, such as wallet functions for Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), COSMEE token (COSM), and Enjin’s token (ENJ). COSMEE is a blockchain-powered mobile beauty decentralized app with which users can earn and spend COSM tokens. And, Enjin is another cryptocurrency wallet that can be used to send and receive ERC-20 tokens and ERC-1155 crypto game assets.

Samsung S10 Steps into Market with Cryptocurrency Storage Feature

Samsung Galaxy S10 Steps into Market with Cryptocurrency Storage Feature

Samsung has launched Galaxy S10 smartphone, featuring cryptocurrency storage to house private cryptocurrency keys. Currently, the phone has been announced in Seoul, San Francisco, and London. According to the company, Galaxy S10 comes with Samsung Knox function that will provide a hardware-backed secure storage for the private keys. The feature is expected to enable the smartphone users experience streamlined blockchain-enabled mobile services.

Samsung Files Trademark For Cryptocurrency Wallet in UK

Samsung Files Trademark For Cryptocurrency Wallet in UK

Samsung has filed application for a trademark for a cryptocurrency wallet in the UK. It is assumed that the company is planning to add a cryptocurrency cold wallet to its smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S10. As per the application filed, Samsung is looking forward to using computer software for cryptocurrency wallet and computer software for cryptocurrency transfer and payment with blockchain technology.