Bitcoin ransomware in China

Bitcoin Ransomware Ryuk Now Threatens Chinese Enterprises

Ryuk, a bitcoin ransomware virus is now targeting Chinese enterprises. It has already gatecrashed over 100 government and private entities in the US and is now behind China. It has victimized the logistic, technology sectors and small municipalities that acquires high data value. It is asking for a ransom of around $5 million in bitcoins.


Baltimore Ransomware Attack: Google Suspends Official’s Gmail

The Baltimore ransomware attack event is far from over. Apparently, it’s taking a new turn as Google disables the Gmail accounts of the government workers. When the ransomware hit, every system was disrupted. The government domain emails were disabled, so backup Google mail accounts were set up. however, Google cites that email accounts for government […]

Crypto Malware Beapy

New Crypto Malware Beapy Spotted: Uses NSA Hacking Tools

A new crypto mining malware named Beapy has been spotted by American security company Symantec. Apparently, it uses hacking tools of the National security Agency (NSA) to demand ransomware. Its major targets are corporate firms. The Crypto Malware Beapy first came into limelight in January 2019. As of now, it has spread over 12,000 infections […]

Ransomware Value Rises in Q1 2019

Crypto Ransomware Value Rises in Q1 2019: Ryuk Demands the Highest Ransom

Every piece of technology has its downsides. In a more proper technical jargon, we call it vulnerability. The concept of cryptocurrency is very much prone to high-end vulnerabilities. The threat comes in the form of ransomware. According to a report by Coveware, the value of ransom demanded by various ransomware has increased significantly in the […]