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eToro's tokenized assets on Libra

EToro Issues Tokenized Assets On Facebook Libra

The trading and multi-asset brokerage company eToro has trial tested the capabilities of Facebook’s Libra. It was a successful trial for issuing the tokenized assets on Libra protocol. According to Github, the firm was testing to build eTokens on Libra. The eToken is the technology for the tokenized assets of eToro. The firm’s researchers wanted […]

Facebook Libra

Facebook Crypto has No Plans to Launch in India

India and cryptocurrencies can never go together. Again this statement is going to prove as true. According to hearsays, Facebook crypto Libra has no plans to arrive in India. The country has no permit to allow the use of cryptocurrencies. Libra crypto wallet Calibra will not be available in the regions that don’t permit crypto. […]

Facebook's Cryptocurrency in Russia

No Facebook Cryptocurrency in Russia.?

Anatoly Aksakov, a chairman of the Russian State Duma committee says that Facebook’s Cryptocurrency will not be legalized in Russia. He believes the cryptocurrency might pose a threat to the country’s financial system. Apart from this, he also said Russia has no plans to legalize the active circulation of virtual currencies that are based on […]

Facebook Libra

Facebook Crypto Libra Faces First Hurdle: Lawmakers Voice Opposition Citing Privacy Concern

The ghost of user privacy and data leaks is back to haunt Facebook again. It’s not even one day past the release of the whitepaper of crypto project Libra, there is a wave of opposition rising against the Facebook crypto. Maxine Waters, head of the U.S. House of Representatives Financial Services Committee wants Facebook to […]

Facebook Libra

Facebook Releases the White Paper for its Cryptocurrency Libra

Finally, putting an end to all the hypes and hearsays, Facebook has released the white paper for its brand new stable coin cryptocurrency Libra. This crypto will operate on the Libra blockchain. Interestingly, the social media giant mentions that the software on which the blockchain Libra is working is an open source application. This will […]

Mercado Libre joins hands with Facebook for Project Libra

E-commerce Giant Mercado Libre Teams Up with Facebook For Project Libra

Mercado Libre, a South American online marketplace is teaming up with Facebook on its cryptocurrency project Libra. The former is one of the famous e-commerce platforms in South America. It will use the cryptocurrency as a mode of payment on its e-commerce platform. An executive of Mercado Libre made the confirmation on the partnership. He […]

Standard Chartered Bank Official Joins Facebook

Standard Chartered Bank Official Joins Facebook for Cryptocurrency Development

Facebook’s elusive cryptocurrency is currently the talk of the town. The popular social media continues to work secretly on its crypto project. In the process, Ed Bowles, the Standard Chartered Bank official joins Facebook to work on this project. Bowles will join Facebook in September as the director of the public policy head of London. […]

Standard Chartered Bank Official Joins Facebook

GlobalCoin Cryptocurrency: Facebook Is In Talks With CFTC

Reports reveal that the social media giant, Facebook has begun discussions with CFTC (U.S. Commodity and Futures Trading Commission) over the subject of its stablecoin initiative, GlobalCoin Cryptocurrency. The conversation is in its rudimentary stage, says CFTC Chairman. The aim of these discussions was to clarify if Facebook’s crypto stablecoin falls under the CFTC’s regulatory […]