Non-Fungible Tokens

New Testnet and blockchain API

New Testnet And Blockchain API Launched In Bermuda

A fintech company Velocity Ledger Technology (VLT) unveiled a new testnet and blockchain API in Bermuda. The information comes from a press release. The API launch is being launched for making digital assets trade. Apparently, the firm has permitted its users to make digital assets applications with their blockchain viewer and web portal. To develop […]

New Crypto Collectables

New Crypto Collectables Propound By F1 Delta Time

Animoca  Brands, the maker of F1 Delta Time has unveiled a  trail of new crypto collectables. These include different racing modules “cars, drivers, and other components.” The creators introduced mobile products and games such as “Crazy King” and “The Sandbox.” It also has games in reference to Garfield and Doraemon. These new crypto collectables are […]

How Blockchain Tokenized Games Help Make Money

Blockchain-Powered Tokenized Games Are Helping Gamers Make Money

Blockchain is surely not all about Bitcoins only. In just a few years, the nascent technology has created a dent in every industry. It has already found applications in healthcare, supply chain management, banking and finance, agriculture, retail sector, etc. ensuring security and transparency. It has successfully helped in reducing frauds in various sectors by issuing […]

ConsenSys Lists Out 16 Blockchain Games for Earning Money

ConsenSys Lists 16 Blockchain-powered Games That Allow Gamers Make Money

ConsenSys has listed out 16 Blockchain games which use Non-Fungible Tokens on Ethereum that allow gamers play and make money. The blockchain-powered games allow players to buy, sell, trade or exchange these tokens on Ethereum Blockchain, where the NFTs are defined as ERC-721 tokens. The 16 blockchain games were further divided to be placed four different categories.