MicroStrategy CEO offers to share his Bitcoin playbook with billionaire Elon Musk

The CEO who made a $425 million bet on Bitcoin earlier this year, Michael Saylor, is offering to advise Elon Musk on how to begin investing in crypto. Saylor proposed that Musk convert Tesla’s balance sheet into Bitcoin (BTC), a company whose market capitalization, according to AssetDash, is currently valued at more than $658 billion, […]

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CEO of MicroStrategy could ‘liquidate $200M in Bitcoin on a Saturday’

Michael Saylor said that all $400 million of the Bitcoin reserve holdings of business intelligence firm MicroStrategy could be liquidated at any time. “In an interview on Sept. 22, Saylor told Bloomberg that although” volatility is not really a reason to sell, “he would not hesitate to dump 38,250 Bitcoin (BTC) from MicroStrategy at a […]