Telefónica Partners with Microsoft to Expand Blockchain and AI Services

Telefonica Partners with Microsoft to Expand Blockchain and AI Services

Telefónica, Spain’s telecom company, has partnered with Microsoft to use blockchain and Artificial intelligence (AI) in expanding its digital innovation. As stated, Telefónica will leverage Microsoft’s Azure platform to build new services tailored for the telecoms industry. The company is already using AI to improve its customer relationships and is looking forward to reaping more benefits of Azure AI.

Hazardous Crypto Mining Apps Found on Microsoft Store

Illegal Crypto Mining Apps Discovered on Microsoft App Store

Symentec has reported that crypto mining apps were found on Microsoft’s app store, which allowed illegal mining of Monero. The app store consisted of eight illegal apps named as Battery Optimizer (Tutorials), VPN Browsers+, Downloader for YouTube Videos, Clean Master+, FastTube, Findoo Browser 2019, and Findoo Mobile & Desktop Search. Though the number of infected computers has not been reported, the company has taken down the apps from its app store.

Chamber of Digital Commerce Collaborates with BAC to Enhance Blockchain Adoption

Canada’s Chamber of Digital Commerce Merges with Blockchain Association

Canada’s Chamber of Digital Commerce has merged with the Blockchain Association of Canada to form a new entity that will focus on developing a strong blockchain ecosystem in the nation. As per the press release, Tanya Woods, Executive Director and Policy Strategist of BAC, has been appointed as the Managing Director of the Chamber of Digital Commerce Canada.

New York Opens New Blockchain Center Despite Crypto Bear Market

New York Opens New Blockchain Center Despite Crypto Bear Market

The New York City Economic Development Corporation has opened a new blockchain center in Flatiron district, Manhattan. The 4000 square feet facility is built in collaboration with GBBC Labs (an arm of Global Blockchain Business Council) and FuturePerfect Ventures. Also, Microsoft and IBM have contributed to the funding for building the center.

Microsoft Japan partners with LayerX for blockchain implementation

Microsoft Partners With LayerX To Boost Blockchain Implementation In Japan

Microsoft’s Japan arm has partnered with LayerX, a blockchain startup. They intend to work together to boost the implementation of blockchain technology across various industries in Japan. Using Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) solution, the partners will promote the blockchain technology further in the domestic domains. As reported Microsoft Azure BaaS will initially focus on connecting interfaces, integrating data and systems, and deploying smart contracts and blockchain networks.


Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain to aid Nasdaq’s Financial Framework

In the recent news report released by Bloomberg, Microsoft’s Azure blockchain services is going to aid Nasdaq’s Financial Framework/ Nasdaq to develop software to help traders and clearinghouses to better communicate with each other towards solving transaction issues. The platform will also enable traders to access a number of Blockchain solutions through a single interface. 

microsoft azure blockchain ID products

Microsoft comes up with two Blockchain ID products

In a recent report, Microsoft has announced that it contemplates designing two Blockchain ID products. The first one is “Identity Hub”, an encrypted personal data store. The second one is a “wallet-like app”  for managing these permissions to their data, including the ability to revoke them when desired.

Bank of America

Microsoft, Amazon can have major increment using Blockchain, says BofA

Bank of America has suggested that the use of Blockchain Technology can serve as a major breakthrough platform for companies like Microsoft, Amazon and Oracle. The bank published the list of other similar companies during the 4th Annual America – Digital Latin American Congress of Business and Technology.