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Microsoft Identity Verification Tool Unveils: Works On Bitcoin Blockchain

Computer giant Microsoft has launched its new Identity Verification Tool which goes by the name Identify Overlay Network(ION). This network runs on the Bitcoin blockchain. It is based on the SideTree Digital identifiers. ION can verify a larger number of identity verification requests. It is more capable than the current blockchain systems. Announcement regarding the […]

Starbucks will Use Azure Blockchain

Starbucks will Use Azure Blockchain to Track Coffee

To provide its consumers with detailed info about its coffee products, Starbucks will use Azure blockchain to track coffee. The proposed system will keep real-time tracking of coffee shipment over the globe. Then on its mobile app Starbucks will provide details about the origin of the coffee beans and where it was roasted. The system […]

Azure Blockchain Development Kit for Ethereum

Microsoft Drops First Preview of Azure Blockchain Development Kit for Ethereum

Microsoft is always busy experimenting with blockchain and its immense possibilities. Speaking of which, the company has recently launched the preview of its new Azure Blockchain Development Kit for Ethereum. It will be an extension to the Visual Studio Code. The extension will enable the developers to develop blockchain apps using the Azure Blockchain Service. […]

Microsoft Japan partners with LayerX for blockchain implementation

Microsoft Partners With LayerX To Boost Blockchain Implementation In Japan

Microsoft’s Japan arm has partnered with LayerX, a blockchain startup. They intend to work together to boost the implementation of blockchain technology across various industries in Japan. Using Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) solution, the partners will promote the blockchain technology further in the domestic domains. As reported Microsoft Azure BaaS will initially focus on connecting interfaces, integrating data and systems, and deploying smart contracts and blockchain networks.

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Microsoft comes up with two Blockchain ID products

In a recent report, Microsoft has announced that it contemplates designing two Blockchain ID products. The first one is “Identity Hub”, an encrypted personal data store. The second one is a “wallet-like app”  for managing these permissions to their data, including the ability to revoke them when desired.

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AT&T designs Blockchain solutions compatible for both Microsoft and IBM

The wait for AT&T (The American Telephone and Telegraph Company) is over. The company has successfully designed a set of blockchain solutions compatible for both IBM and Microsoft Technology. The pilot program was on a long run since February this year. Post implementation, manufacturing, retail and healthcare industries will witness a new dawn.