Bitcoin Up in a Year Again: Hits USD 11,000, Dominance Grows

It took one day for the most popular cryptocurrency, bitcoin (BTC), to climb from the long-awaited level of USD 10,000 to USD 11,000, boosting its market dominance and again showing positive returns in the past 12 months. However, even among the top 10 coins, BTC is still not the best performer. At pixel time (04:40 […]

Bitcoin Target $10,500 After BTC Managed a Strong Weekly Close

Bitcoin aim $10,500 after BTC managed a solid weekly close Within the last hour, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) surged above $10,000 to reach a new monthly peak of $10,315. The move came after a very uneventful weekly closing which saw CoinMarketCap’s top-ranked digital asset close above an significant downward trend of several years. A […]

Metrics Indicated Bitcoin Price Is Back on Route to $10,000

Bitcoin (BTC) price today lit up, racking 5.78 percent to a daily high of $9,398 before pulling back to stabilize in the region of $9,400. The strong upside movement lifted the top-ranking digital asset of CoinMarketCap through the resistance range of $8,800-$8,930. Since the halving day correction lowered the price to $8,122, the price of […]

Bitcoin Falls Below $9K as Traders Indicates 'Technical' Retrace

Bitcoin Falls Below $9K as Traders Indicates ‘Technical’ Retrace

Bitcoin (BTC) bounced off $8,500 on April 30 after fresh uncertainty saw the largest cryptocurrency shed in hours at 8 percent. BTC price tests re-established support Cointelegraph Markets and CoinMarketCap data on Thursday’s trading showed a rapid turnaround for Bitcoin, diving from highs of $9,440 to lows of $8,530. At press time, support was staying […]

Bitcoin’s Unstoppable Uptrend Reached Over $9,100

Bitcoin’s Unstoppable Uptrend Reached Over $9,100

For the Bitcoin industry, the past 24 hours is volatile. The cryptocurrency has been in an almost relentless uptrend since breaking past $7,800 on Wednesday morning. Surging past resistance after resistance in the $7,000s, $8,000s, and most recently, the ever-important $9,000-level. This extreme uptrend comes on the back of an increase in buying volume on […]

Blockchain Network Waves Opens New Covid-19 Betting Market

Blockchain Network Waves Opens New Covid-19 Betting Market

Blockchain platform Waves has introduced a new betting market. That allows users to speculate if coronavirus pandemic spread has reached its height. Customers can now buy the tokens ‘COVID-UP-SEP20’ and ‘COVID-DOWN-SEP20′ to bet on whether the number of new weekly cases worldwide will surpass April 4 – 10’s record of 595,802 confirmed infections before September. […]