Mastercard, Accenture and Amazon Partner to Enhance Sustainable Supply Chain

Accenture, Mastercard and Amazon Collaborate for Sustainable Supply Chain on Blockchain

Accenture has announced its collaboration with Mastercard, Amazon Web Services, Everledger and Mercy Corps to introduce a ‘circular supply chain’ focusing on creation of a blockchain-based transparent supply chain platform. The platform will use digital identity management and blockchain technology to enable consumers know the complete supply chain journey of products, from start to finish.

ibm research division kenya

IBM Research Aligns with Hello Tractor to Improve African AgriBusiness with Blockchain

The Kenyan Division of IBM Research has partnered with US-based Hello Tractor to boost the African agriculture industry with the implementation of Blockchain and Internet of Things. The duo intends to address the various issues faced by the Agriculture industry in Africa by offering a Blockchain-based digital wallet.