Qatar bans cryptocurrency trading

Qatar Bans Cryptocurrency Trading; May Create National Digital Currency

Cryptocurrency trading bans in Qatar. This Middle East country has a population of over 2.5 million but doesn’t want to adapt to the future of currency. According to the recent media reports, the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) Regulatory Authority says that virtual asset trading remains out of sight from the QFC at this time. The […]

license for crypto mining

INTA to Make Crypto Mining in Iran Tax Free

Iran’s National Tax Administration(INTA) has made an important announcement for crypto miners in the country. Crypto mining in Iran will be eligible for tax exemption if the miners repatriate their overseas earnings…

cryptocurrency market in Iran

Cryptocurrency market in Iran gets new rules

Another day and another drama for the cryptocurrency market in Iran! The Iranian government has introduced new regulations for cryptocurrency in the country. The new law will not accept crypto as legal tender or recognize domestic transactions carried out with cryptocurrencies…

Bitcoin Mining Machines

1000 Bitcoin Mining Machines Seized in Iran

Around 1000 bitcoin mining machines have been seized by the Iranian government due to power issues. These machines were used by two crypto mining firms in some abandoned factory premises in the Yazd province. The Energy Ministry of Iran says that due to the heavy consumption of electricity in mining, the power grids are becoming unstable.

Iran Plans to Launch its Own Cryptocurrency

Iran Plans to Launch its Own Cryptocurrency

Iran has finally unveiled plans to launch its own cryptocurrency during the annual two-day Electronic Banking and Payment Systems conference, scheduled to be held on 29th January 2019. The country has taken this step to circumvent the sanctions imposed by the US. The country has also announced its plans to launch a nationalized version of SWIFT Network in the near future.