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IOTA Launches New Software Wallet

Alyx Fashion Partners with IOTA to Implement Blockchain In Supply Chain

Lady Gaga’s fashion label Alyx has partnered with IOTA to implement blockchain in the supply chain. Alyx’s creative director Matthew Williams will implement it to improve the transparency of its supply chain in partnership with Avery Dennison and Evrythng. The fashion brand will add nine of its items to blockchain ledgers. It will showcase the entire […]

Jaguar Land Rover will Reward Users With Crypto

Jaguar Land Rover will Reward Users With Crypto for Sharing Road Condition Data

Soon Jaguar Land Rover will reward users with crypto money for sharing information about road conditions. It includes real-time info about any accident occurred on any route or a massive traffic jam. Users can also report the weather conditions of an area. The local authorities will collect this info about road conditions. Basically, this system […]

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IOTA collaborates with Blockchain security company Ledger to secure its Tokens from Hackers

IOTA Foundation, a Germany based non-profit corporation, has partnered with Ledger, a security leader in the crypto industry to develop a secure hardware wallet for its users. The main motive behind this partnership is to allow users of IOTA Tokens to isolate their tokens from computers and smartphones thereby adding an additional layer of safety against security breaches. With the partnership with Ledger, the tokens can then be transferred to a more secure hardware wallet. This will further reduce the chances of their hacking by malicious hackers.