UAE Startup Relies on Blockchain to Flatten Covid-19 Curve

The UAE-based startup incubator, in5, helps to develop blockchain-based methods for controlling the COVID-19 pandemic in the country and thereby flatten the curve. Liber Health, funded by in5, is one of the systems used to identify patients that supports blockchain technology. According to a study published on May 20. They are creating a contactless device […]


How IoT Companies Use Blockchain for Making the Future Smarter?

Did you know that Internet-of-Things and Blockchain working together to make the world a better-connected place? Internet-of-Things may sound vague and opaque. However, that’s the best thing i.e. exploding this industry. To clarify, the Internet-of-Things (IoT) is a generalized term that explains how a smart device communicates with another. Firstly and most importantly, IoT is […]

Microsoft's Application Suite for agriculture in Brazil

Microsoft To Launch Blockchain Application Suite For Brazilian Agriculture Sector

Microsoft files application suite based on blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Brazil. These applications will help to improve productivity in agriculture. The technology is going by the name of FarmBeats. It will make use of blockchain, drones. IoT, AI, and big data for efficiency. This application suite has already been used in the U.S., […]

IBM nad Nornickel to launch a blockchain educational program

IBM And Nornickel Team Up To Launch A Blockchain Educational Program

The major tech firm IBM and Nornickel joined hands to launch a blockchain educational program. The latter is a leading Russian metal producer on the global front. This information comes from a local news agency. This blockchain educational program will deal with the student’s training, research, and development related to blockchain ecosystems and Internet of […]

Jaguar Land Rover will Reward Users With Crypto

Jaguar Land Rover will Reward Users With Crypto for Sharing Road Condition Data

Soon Jaguar Land Rover will reward users with crypto money for sharing information about road conditions. It includes real-time info about any accident occurred on any route or a massive traffic jam. Users can also report the weather conditions of an area. The local authorities will collect this info about road conditions. Basically, this system […]

California Set to Implement Blockchain and IoT Sensors to Track Ground Water Sustainability

California to Sustainably Manage Ground Water with Blockchain and IoT

IBM Research and SweetSense, a sensor tech provider, have partnered with the University of Colorado Boulder and The Freshwater Trust to use blockchain and IoT sensors for tracking the underground water in aquifers in north California’s Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. The project will use blockchain to share water extraction data with orbiting satellites, which will also be used for detection of rainfall and weather correlations.

Blockchain can Revolutionize Global Opportunities, says Bettina Warburg

Blockchain to Revolutionize Global Trade Opportunities, says Blockchain Expert

During the ongoing World Government Summit 2019 in Dubai, blockchain expert Bettina Warburg has praised the capabilities of blockchain and IoT. During a session at the three-day event being held at Madinat Jumeirah, Warburg has claimed that distributed digital ledger-based trade has the potential to open great business opportunities for countries in the upcoming years.

China Mobile Develops Blockchain-Powered Water Purifier

China Mobile Develops Blockchain-Powered Water Purifier

China Mobile’s IoT unit has developed a water purifier with built-in computing chip and an IoT module to collect customer data based on user behavior. The blockchain-powered water purifier remains connected to the internet without having to depend on Wi-Fi and records consumers’ usage data on a distributed network. The application also rewards consumers with blockchain tokens that can be redeemed while doing filter replacements.

ibm research division kenya

IBM Research Aligns with Hello Tractor to Improve African AgriBusiness with Blockchain

The Kenyan Division of IBM Research has partnered with US-based Hello Tractor to boost the African agriculture industry with the implementation of Blockchain and Internet of Things. The duo intends to address the various issues faced by the Agriculture industry in Africa by offering a Blockchain-based digital wallet.