Coinome Suspends Operation

Indian Crypto Exchange Coinome Suspends Operation Abruptly

Succumbing to government regulations, Indian crypto exchange Coinome suspends operation, effective immediately from 15th of May, 2019. The firm has requested the traders on its platform to withdraw their funds at the earliest. The exchange has tweeted its decision over its official handle. After Coinome’s notice, people are trying to withdraw their assets but some […]

Indian Will Ban Cryptocurrencies

Soon India Will Ban Cryptocurrencies to Overcome Money Laundering Incidents

Very soon India will ban cryptocurrencies to put an end to incidents of money laundering and illegal fundings. The draft of a bill “Banning of Cryptocurrencies and Regulation of Official Digital Currencies Bill 2019” has been put forward to various departments of the Indian government. Apparently, the new government post mid-2019 elections will receive the […]

Mastercard, Accenture and Amazon Partner to Enhance Sustainable Supply Chain

Accenture, Mastercard and Amazon Collaborate for Sustainable Supply Chain on Blockchain

Accenture has announced its collaboration with Mastercard, Amazon Web Services, Everledger and Mercy Corps to introduce a ‘circular supply chain’ focusing on creation of a blockchain-based transparent supply chain platform. The platform will use digital identity management and blockchain technology to enable consumers know the complete supply chain journey of products, from start to finish.

Indian Government Enthusiastically Adopting Blockchain Technology

Indian Government Enthusiastically Adopting Blockchain Technology

In the race of blockchain technology adoption, India has been performing quite well so far. What’s been even more interesting is the fact that, in spite of the country’s stern stand against Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, it has embraced the technology with open arms. Moreover, to boost the prospects of decentralized systems in India, Prime […]

$13 Million Cryptocurrency Scam Takes Indian Public into Shock

$13 Million Cryptocurrency Scam Busted by Mumbai Crime Branch, India

The Mumbai Crime branch, in India, has uncovered a gang behind a $13 million (INR 100 crore) cryptocurrency scam, which was spread over the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Uttar Pradesh. The scammers had launched a scam coin, dubbed Cashcoin, which was claimed to be similar to Bitcoins. The gang cheated people by promising them double returns within two months.

Globsyn Business School Launches Blockchain-based Certificates in India

Indian Business School Selects Somish to Issue Blockchain-based Certificates

Globsyn Business School, an AICTE approved B-school in India, has announced that it will issue blockchain-based digital certificates, accessible from anywhere in the world. To achieve the goal, GBS has selected Certy platform, built by Somish blockchain startup, to issue untamperable and instantly-verifiable degrees on blockchain. The solution is claimed to eliminate the need for background verification of students, thereby saving a lot of time.

IBM Collaborates with Indian Putative Schools to Provide Blockchain Education

IBM Collaborates with NPTEL to Provide Blockchain Education in India

IBM has collaborated with the National Programme on Technology increased Learning (NPTEL), an Indian eLearning platform, to educate the young masses about ‘Blockchain design style and Use Cases’, a 12-week online course. The course is funded by the Education Ministry of India. Praveen Jayachandran, Blockchain and sensible Contracts Scientist at the IBM Republic of India, and Sandip Chakraborty, a scholastic from IIT Guwahati, are said to deliver lectures on the course.

WISeKey Opens Blockchain Center of Excellence in Geneva

WISeKey Opens Blockchain Center of Excellence in Geneva

WISeKey, a Switzerland-based blockchain and cybersecurity company, has opened a Blockchain Center of Excellence in Geneva, to focus on Fintech domain. The center is intended to promote the research and development of blockchain. As per the company, the opening of the center is the result of its partnership with the Blockchain Research Institute, which also aims to come up with more centers in the US, China, India, and Africa.

Ajanta Pharma Founder Invests $2.4 Million in InfiniChains

Ajanta Pharma Founder Invests $2.4 Million in InfiniChains

InfiniChains, a blockchain startup, has announced that Purushottam Agrawal, founder of Ajanta Pharma in India, has invested $2.4 million in it to develop blockchain solutions for the food and fashion industries. The company has claimed that its blockchain-based tracking platform Credible will enable users to track and trace the complete supply chain path of a product and add value to products.

Seven Utility Companies Form Global Oil & Gas Blockchain Consortium

Indian Government And IIM Lucknow to Host Blockchain Summit in India

Department of Science and Technology of India is going to hold Blockchain Summit in India in the year 2019. As per reports, the Government of India, L-Incubator, and IIM Lucknow have also joined hands to fulfill the mission. The to-do-list of the summit would be to educate the public about blockchain technology and tap on the hidden talent pool in India.