Blockchain Powered Customer Service

IBM Will Provide Lenovo with Blockchain Powered Customer Service

Thanks to IBM, now Lenovo will now provide Blockchain powered customer service. Both the firms have entered into an agreement on this. To be more specific, Lenovo will implement blockchain tech to monitor the supply chains of hardware and software used in its data centers. Along with the blockchain, the system will implement a virtual […]

Hyundai Knocks Door of Blockchain to Provide Advanced Business Models

Hyundai to Build Financial Supply Chain Ecosystem on Blockchain

Hyundai has announced that its financial services subsidiary, Hyundai Commercial, has selected IBM to build a new financial supply chain ecosystem utilizing Hyperledger Fabric blockchain. As per sources, Hyundai Card, another financial services subsidiary of Hyundai, will also be joining IBM to implement Machine Learning and develop Artificial-Intelligence based Chatbot for support services.

IBM Makes Record with Highest Number of Blockchain and AI Patents in 2018

IBM Wins Highest Number of Patents in 2018, Majority Being Blockchain and AI Related

IBM has made a record by earning a maximum number of patents in the year 2018, in its move towards working on innovative technologies. With a total of 9,100 U.S. patents, the company has yet again topped the list for the 26th time in a row, as per IFI Claims, a global patent database. The latest […]

IBM Opens New Blockchain Data Center in Melbourne

IBM Opens Second Blockchain Data Center in Australia

IBM has announced the opening of a new blockchain data center in Sydney, Australia, which is scheduled for March 2019. The initiative will allow Australlian customers to store their data locally instead of depending on outside hosts. In addition, the firm has launched blockchain main net from its Melbourne data center to allow customers use the company’s cloud for running their applications.

California Set to Implement Blockchain and IoT Sensors to Track Ground Water Sustainability

California to Sustainably Manage Ground Water with Blockchain and IoT

IBM Research and SweetSense, a sensor tech provider, have partnered with the University of Colorado Boulder and The Freshwater Trust to use blockchain and IoT sensors for tracking the underground water in aquifers in north California’s Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. The project will use blockchain to share water extraction data with orbiting satellites, which will also be used for detection of rainfall and weather correlations.

Chamber of Digital Commerce Collaborates with BAC to Enhance Blockchain Adoption

Canada’s Chamber of Digital Commerce Merges with Blockchain Association

Canada’s Chamber of Digital Commerce has merged with the Blockchain Association of Canada to form a new entity that will focus on developing a strong blockchain ecosystem in the nation. As per the press release, Tanya Woods, Executive Director and Policy Strategist of BAC, has been appointed as the Managing Director of the Chamber of Digital Commerce Canada.

IBM Collaborates with Indian Putative Schools to Provide Blockchain Education

IBM Collaborates with NPTEL to Provide Blockchain Education in India

IBM has collaborated with the National Programme on Technology increased Learning (NPTEL), an Indian eLearning platform, to educate the young masses about ‘Blockchain design style and Use Cases’, a 12-week online course. The course is funded by the Education Ministry of India. Praveen Jayachandran, Blockchain and sensible Contracts Scientist at the IBM Republic of India, and Sandip Chakraborty, a scholastic from IIT Guwahati, are said to deliver lectures on the course.

IBM Succesfully Ships Oranges to Singapore Using Blockchain

IBM Succesfully Tests Blockchain Shipping Platform with Oranges

IBM has successfully completed the shipping of 108,000 mandarin oranges from China to Singapore using blockchain technology. The trial was conducted with an aim to reduce paperwork formalities and shipping costs involved. Pacific International Lines handled the transit using an e-BL, an electronic version of the Bill of Landing developed by IBM Research Singapore, which was processed on blockchain.

IBM Partners with PNC Bank to Enhance Healthcare Using Blockchain

IBM Partners with PNC Bank to Enhance Healthcare Using Blockchain

IBM has announced its partnership with PNC Bank to create a blockchain-based platform for allowing healthcare firms and companies to build, share and deploy healthcare solutions. The partnership intends to enhance claim and payments processing thereby providing secure exchange of information and maintaining the accuracy of provider directories.

Securitize Joins IBM Blockchain Accelerator program to Handle Debt Market

Securitize Joins IBM Blockchain Accelerator program to Handle Debt Market

Securitize, the compliance platform for digital securities, has joined IBM Blockchain Accelerator program to deal with debt market problems. According to sources, the accelerator program is expected to be of three months duration which will include a workshop on blockchain architecture and consultations with IBM mentors. The firm has also stated its plans to integrate Hyperledger to offer blockchain-powered debt services.