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HTC Announces 2nd Generation Blockchain Phone

HTC Announces 2nd Generation Blockchain Phone: Name Revealed

Finally, HTC throws some light on its 2019 blockchain phone. A few weeks ago we did mention the possibilities of HTC launching a new blockchain smartphone this year. True as per the words, HTC announces 2nd Generation Blockchain Phone which will have the name Exodus 1s. It will be the successor to the 2018’s HTC […]

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Another Blockchain powered Smartphone HTC Exodus to be launched on Oct 22

Earlier this year, HTC had announced about its ongoing project on a Blockchain powered Smartphone. Finally, after a few months of standby, the company has cleared the air regarding the same on its official Instagram post a few days back. It is going to release HTC Exodus, its Blockchain powered smartphone on October 22. The news is now turned out to be the centre of discussion everywhere.