Grim Finance, a DeFi protocol user, lost $30M in 5x reentrancy hack

Grim Finance, decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, reported $30 million in losses due to a reentrancy exploit of the platform’s deposits. Grim Finance announced on December 18 that an “external attacker” had exploited the DeFi platform. Stealing “over $30 million” in cryptocurrencies. According to Grim Finance, the hack was an “advanced attack,” with the attacker exploiting […]


Bitmart says it lost USD 150 million in a hack, suspends withdrawals

Bitmart, one of the top 30 crypto exchanges, confirmed today, December 5. That it had lost around USD 150 million in a hack and has temporarily halted withdrawals until further notice. One of their Ethereum (ETH) hot wallets and one of their Binance Smart Chain hot wallets identified. As having “a large-scale security breach,” according […]

Five Record-Breaking Cryptocurrency Scams in 2018

Five Record-Breaking Cryptocurrency Scams in 2018

The controversy of cryptocurrencies is not going to die any sooner. Right from the time of start till date, crypto investors have always been on a roller coaster journey. Out of many, here are a few cryptocurrency scams that looted people and left them bankrupt during 2018. Check them out! $530 Million Hack in Japan […]

Bitfinex Recovers Stolen BTC and Reimburses Clients with US Government Help

Bitfinex Recovers Stolen BTC with US Government’s Help and Reimburses Clients

Bitfinex, an advanced cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the recovery of a part of the stolen Bitcoins which was reported in 2016. The exchange had lost 120,000 BTC (approx. $72 million) and currently retrieved 27.7 BTC of it, which be refunded to about 5,000 of its affected customers. The exchange had collaborated with unnamed law enforcement agencies from both the U.S. and Europe to conduct investigations into the case.