bitcoin scammers target users using Google AdSense

New Email Extortion Scam Targets Google AdSense, Demands Bitcoin

A new extortion scam targeting website owners serving banner ads through the Google AdSense program has begun circulating the internet. The malicious scheme demands Bitcoin in exchange for preventing an attack, which would purportedly lead to the users’ AdSense account suspension. The email-based extortion scheme was first reported by security news and investigation block KrebsOnSecurity […]

hedera hashgraph and google's partnership can generate $1.9b

Google Partnership with Hedera Hashgraph Can Generate $1.9B by 2024

Independent research firm Fundstrat predicts that Hedera Hashgraph, the enterprise-grade public distributed ledger platform, could generate $1.9 billion in value across its network by 2014. Fundstart’s predictions are highlighted in their latest report, which analyzes Hedera’s recent growth. The report shows that Hedera’s platform has handled over 36 million transactions since September 2019 when the […]

google joins hedera hashgraph

Google Joins Hedera Hashgraph’s Government Council

Hedera Hashgraph chose Google Cloud Platform as its preferred cloud provider for deploying its public networks. A Feb 11 post on Google blogs commends Hedera for the choice while revealing that it is taking an active stake in the project’s governance. Hedera is set to use Google Cloud to host its public testnets and Hedera […]

Bitcoin Trends in Google Search, Hits 14 Month High

Bitcoin Trends in Google Search, Hits 14 Month High

According to Google Trends, Bitcoin’s search interest this year has apparently been getting an ever-increasing number. Bitcoin has of late hit a 14-month high in the search interest. The cryptocurrency currently trading at $7,900, saw a sudden surge in the search interest this year. Such a rise in search interest hasn’t been seen since February […]

Google Launches Blockchain ETL Platform to Explore Blockchain Usage

Google Launches Blockchain ETL Platform to Explore Blockchain Usage

Google has announced the launch of Blockchain ETL software that enables open source developers extract, transform and load various decentralized applications. The ETL software is designed to allow users load transaction datasets and metadata for eight cryptocurrencies which includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, zcash, Dogecoin and Dash.

Seven Utility Companies Form Global Oil & Gas Blockchain Consortium

Indian Government And IIM Lucknow to Host Blockchain Summit in India

Department of Science and Technology of India is going to hold Blockchain Summit in India in the year 2019. As per reports, the Government of India, L-Incubator, and IIM Lucknow have also joined hands to fulfill the mission. The to-do-list of the summit would be to educate the public about blockchain technology and tap on the hidden talent pool in India.

Wordpress Launches New Publishing Platform with Blockchain Features

WordPress Launches New Publishing Platform with Blockchain Features

Wordpress has announced the launch of Newspack, a new publishing platform with blockchain features. The product is funded by Google and Consensys, an Ethereum development platform. According to Consensys, Newspack users will be able to use blockchain-based features offered through its Civil Media platform.