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Israeli-based Fintech & Cryptocurrency Firm Simplex Now Supports JPY & CAD

Despite the biggest declines in six months, Israeli-based fintech & cryptocurrency firm Simplex now supports two new fiat currencies – JPY & CAD. With this move, the Binance’s partner now allows its users to buy crypto with a credit card using the Japanese Yen and the Canadian Dollar. However, not all Simplex’s partner exchanges will […]


It’s 2019! What Can I Buy with Bitcoin Today?

Bitcoin today evolves to a great extent. It makes the switch from being a currency to an investment. And thus, Bitcoin today becomes a viable alternative to many centralized payment systems existing in the market. As a result, we can expect that a store nearby may accept bitcoin payments in 2019 and beyond. The rise […]

bitcoin donation over lightning network

Tor Accepts Bitcoin Donations Over Lightning Network

Bitcoin donations over Lightning Network? Does anybody think about this? No! But the Tor Project does! Tor project is a non-profit organization. It operates an anonymous network called Tor.  Recently, the organization accepts that it will receive bitcoin donations over the lightning network on behalf of The Giving Block. The Giving Block is a crypto-for-charity […]

Belfrics Launches Belrium – KYC Compliant Blockchain Platform

Belfrics Launches Belrium – KYC Compliant Blockchain Platform

Belfrics Group, a fiat-crypto exchange and blockchain development company, has proclaimed the launch of Belrium Mainnet, a KYC Compliant blockchain platform. As claimed, Belrium will provide a secure, private, customized and decentralized ecosystem to companies for doing transactions. The launch is aimed at saving time and money by eliminating the repetitions related to KYC compliance.