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US FDA Prepares for Blockchain Implementation to Authenticate Drug Supply

US FDA Prepares for Blockchain Implementation to Secure Drug Supply Chain

The US Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has launched a pilot project to use blockchain technology to enhance the tracking and authentication of prescription drugs and restrict the flow of illegitimate products from entering the food and drugs supply chain. The organization has also appointed Frank Yiannas, a technology expert in global supply chain, to work on advanced technologies like blockchain and empower the US food supply.


NITI Aayog to engage Blockchain to fight Forged Drugs in India

On an ongoing fight against fraudulent drugs, NITI Aayog has partnered with Oracle, Apollo Hospitals and Strides Pharma Sciences. The motive is to provide and maintain an authenticated drug supply chain. NITI Aayog will take the help of decentralised ledger technology and IoT (Internet of Things) software for the same.