Facebook Opens New FinTech Firm

Facebook Opens A New FinTech Firm: Hints at the Elusive Native Crypto

Taking one step further towards its secret stablecoin project, Facebook opens a new fintech firm. The social media giant’s new firm goes by the name Libra Networks. It’s similar to the trademark name which Facebook acquired last week. The information comes from a company registration filing on the Geneva Commercial Register. As per the registration […]

Facebook Opens New FinTech Firm

Facebook Cryptocurrency Release Date Revealed.?

Popular social media mammoth Facebook is secretly working on its upcoming cryptocurrency. According to hearsays, it may release the digital currency in the third quarter of 2019. The social media giant may name this cryptocurrency as Libra. A few days ago Facebook acquired the trademark rights for the same brand. The proposed Facebook cryptocurrency may […]

Revised Facebook Policy

Revised Facebook Policy Allows Blockchain Ads Without Permission

According to the latest revised facebook policy, Blockchain related advertisements can be displayed without the requirement of any approval. The official announcement has been conveyed through a Facebook post. The ad may be about some educational info, news item or any event relating to blockchain. This policy is the revision of last years regulation. The […]

Facebook Acquires ChainSpace As Part of its Blockchain Acquisition

Facebook Acquires ChainSpace To Build its Blockchain Team

Facebook has acquired ChainSpace, a blockchain startup, as a part of its plan to expand the blockchain team. The acquisition has taken place with main focus on the skills or expertise of Chainspace staff, rather than its technologies or products. Per the acquisition, Facebook has hired four researchers from ChainSpace’s team who worked on its academic whitepaper.

Facebook Plans to Introduce Cryptocurrency for WhatsApp Transfers

Facebook Plans to Introduce Cryptocurrency for WhatsApp Transfers

Facebook Inc. has announced its plans to introduce a new crypto coin that will allow users transfer money using WhatsApp. The social media company first aims to target the Indian remittances market. The firm is working on developing a stablecoin or a digital currency that will be pegged to the US dollar to eliminate the volatility in crypto markets.

Facebook Makes 40 New Hires for Blockchain Division

Facebook Makes 40 New Hires for Blockchain Division

Facebook has confirmed its intent to expand its business model by entering into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. In May 2018, the firm started a blockchain development department to focus on research and development of Blockchain technologies. The division has hired more than 40 new members in the department, many of whom are former PayPal executives.

Facebook Hiring

Facebook to Hire Talents for Blockchain Related Roles

Facebook has announced the listing of five new blockchain related jobs that are claimed to be technically and intellectually challenging. The positions include two software engineers, a data scientist and a data engineer. The jobs have been described as full time roles at the company’s headquarter in Menlo Park, California.