Browser with built-in Crypto Wallet

Opera Launches Browser with Built-in Crypto Wallet for iOS

Popular internet browsing company Opera has launched a new browser with a built-in crypto wallet to store Ether. This new browsing app goes by the name of Opera Touch. Already the app is available for the Android users. Now, the browser is expanding to iOS users as well. It supports the Ethereum protocol and the Ethereum Web3 API…


Ethereum Based Synthetix Suffers An Oracle Attack

Synthetix, a synthetic asset issuance platform built on Ethereum, suffered an Oracle Attack recently. The platform lost over 37 million sETH(Synthetic Ethereum). Synthetix CEO Kain Warwick said that he believes an arbitrage bot attacked the platform automatically. This was when they saw the price feed was returning the wrong value. Warwick has the owner of […]

Atlantis hard fork

Ethereum Classic’s Atlantis Hard Fork To Launch Soon

Ethereum Classic (ETC) has officially planned to set the Atlantis hard fork at block 8,772,000 on September 17. The Ethereum Classic Improvement Protocol (ECIP) finalization call made the confirmation. The implementation of Atlantis hard fork aims to fulfill two priorities. The first is to create high-quality blockchain software to safeguard network security. The second is […]

Odyssey 3.6

TRON Upgrades to Odyssey 3.6 With Security Enhancements

TRON’s mainnet Odyssey will soon see an upgrade to version 3.6, dubbed Odyssey 3.6. The new version will have a more lightweight built-in event server with an added protocol data check. The information comes from TRON’s official blog post. The TRON network now supports the creation of decentralized applications(DApps) on its platform. It will direct […]

Blockchain Platform In Brazil

R3 Teams With Major Banks To Develop Blockchain Platform In Brazil

R3, Blockchain consortium announced that it is developing a blockchain platform in Brazil during the CIAB Febraban event in São Paulo. The platform will focus on foreign trade and the insurance sector. R3 is a collaboration between large banks and technology companies which is now open to collab with Brazilian banks. Two Brazilian banks, Itau […]


Russia’s Supermarket Giant Dixy To Employ Blockchain For Trade Finance

Dixy, the Russian supermarket Giant is gearing up to implement blockchain for its trade finance in the country. The Russian Blockchain firm, Factorin is will develop the blockchain system for Dixy. This will allow its’ suppliers to receive payment in one day which previously took two weeks. The development of the new system took place […]

ConsenSys Launches a Job kit

ConsenSys Launches a Job kit: Aims to Help Blockchain Developers

Ethereum’s popular blockchain firm ConsenSys launches a job kit. Apparently, it will help the aspiring Ethereum Blockchain developers enter the market. Introduced on Friday, the kit encompasses everything that is required for blockchain space(learning hubs, links, etc). The kit contains a blockchain knowledge glossary, covering topics like token standards, consensus algorithms, so-dubbed scalability trilemma and […]

FINRA approves Grayscale Ethereum Trust for small investors

FINRA approves Grayscale Ethereum Trust for Small Investors!

FINRA(Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) approves  Grayscale Ethereum Trust for individual investors. It will be soon accessible for all the retail investors looking to buy into the trust in the over-the-counter markets. It is the first US free security that exclusively puts resources into and getting an incentive from the cost of Ethereum. Grayscales made an […]