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Russia’s Supermarket Giant Dixy To Employ Blockchain For Trade Finance

Dixy, the Russian supermarket Giant is gearing up to implement blockchain for its trade finance in the country. The Russian Blockchain firm, Factorin is will develop the blockchain system for Dixy. This will allow its’ suppliers to receive payment in one day which previously took two weeks. The development of the new system took place […]

Privacy Enhancing Tool

JP Morgan Chase Introduces Privacy Enhancing Tool for Payment Systems

JP Morgan Chase, the top banking firm of USA has developed a Privacy Enhancing Tool. As the name suggests, It will protect the payment systems that make use of the Ethereum based blockchain. This tool is possibly an extension of the Zether payment mechanism. It uses zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) technology. JPM’s Privacy Enhancing Tool will […]

ConsenSys Launches a Job kit

ConsenSys Launches a Job kit: Aims to Help Blockchain Developers

Ethereum’s popular blockchain firm ConsenSys launches a job kit. Apparently, it will help the aspiring Ethereum Blockchain developers enter the market. Introduced on Friday, the kit encompasses everything that is required for blockchain space(learning hubs, links, etc). The kit contains a blockchain knowledge glossary, covering topics like token standards, consensus algorithms, so-dubbed scalability trilemma and […]

FINRA approves Grayscale Ethereum Trust for small investors

FINRA approves Grayscale Ethereum Trust for Small Investors!

FINRA(Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) approves  Grayscale Ethereum Trust for individual investors. It will be soon accessible for all the retail investors looking to buy into the trust in the over-the-counter markets. It is the first US free security that exclusively puts resources into and getting an incentive from the cost of Ethereum. Grayscales made an […]

Ethereum Foundation's $30 million project

$30 Million Project Disclosure: Ethereum Foundation

On May 21, Ethereum Foundation declares about its $30 million project for network development in the upcoming year.  The announcement was made on its official blog content. The classification disclosure includes the future ethereum at $19 million, supporting today’s ethereum at $8 million, and the developer reinforces at $3 million. Project Ethereum 2.0 will get […]

Azure Blockchain Development Kit for Ethereum

Microsoft Drops First Preview of Azure Blockchain Development Kit for Ethereum

Microsoft is always busy experimenting with blockchain and its immense possibilities. Speaking of which, the company has recently launched the preview of its new Azure Blockchain Development Kit for Ethereum. It will be an extension to the Visual Studio Code. The extension will enable the developers to develop blockchain apps using the Azure Blockchain Service. […]

Privacy Enhancing Tool

JP Morgan Chase to Add New Features to its Blockchain Based Payment System

JP Morgan chase will soon integrate a real-time verification for transactions done via its Interbank Information Network. The IIN is based on Blockchain technology. This Blockchain Based Payment System resolves erroneous payments which happen due to any data compliance issue. With this system, the payment clearance issues linked with multiple banks get solved easily. Currently, […]

JPMorgan Tests Ethereum Privacy Technology with AZTEC

JPMorgan Tests Ethereum Privacy Technology with AZTEC

JPMorgan Chase has announced that it is testing a new privacy protocol called as zero-knowledge proofs to allow private transactions efficiently. The protocol that has been built by AZTEC, a London blockchain startup, is aimed at allowing efficient encryption of blockchain data at lesser costs. As stated, JPMorgan’s Quorum team is testing AZTEC with an intent to industrialize zero-knowledge proofs for Quorum.

JPMorgan Tests Ethereum Privacy Technology with AZTEC

J.P. Morgan Bangs Crypto World By Introducing America’s First Digital Dollar

J.P. Morgan has announced the launch of America’s first digital coin, dubbed as JPM Coin, that represents the U.S. Dollar. The firm has disclosed its plans to extend the virtual coin to other currencies in the coming days. Built on Quorum, an enterprise grade Ethereum blockchain, JPM Coin allows users enjoy instantaneous transfer of payments between institutional accounts, along with ensuring confidentiality and security from potential frauds.