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Crypto Researchers Predict “Ethereum Price Will Struggle in 2020”

Ethereum price just slumped to a nine-month low, wiping out virtually all gains it has made this year. The shift has been part of a market-wide decline catalyzed by Bitcoin’s drop below $7k. Therefore, many have convinced that ethereum price prediction will recover at any time soon and here’s why. Ethereum Price Posses Strength to […]


Ethereum Recovers Remarkably From Low, Closes Over $221

Good news for all Ethereum (ETH) traders! ETH has come back with an outstanding recovery of over $200 yesterday. The revival comes as a relief at a time when the ship of ETH was sinking. Despite several predictions by investors, who expected it to go downward, the price of ETH started to surge in the past four days. Now the value of ethereum has gone from $168 to $224.