Prime Minister of India awards Harshita Arora for her Cryptocurrency App

Prime Minister of India Awards Young Entrepreneur for Cryptocurrency App

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi awards a young entrepreneur for her cryptocurrency price tracking application. On the other hand, the govt is still deliberating on the country’s crypto policies. Several media rush to the award recipient to find out more about her app. Meanwhile, the RBI is challenged in the SC regarding its crypto […]

Blockchain Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Law for Blockchain Startups

As a blockchain startup, a fundamental knowledge of intellectual property law is a must. A legal team or consultant is an important part of any growing company, but companies can save a lot of money and grief by understanding the basics from the very start. This article will cover the essential things to know about intellectual property and the blockchain.

Seven Utility Companies Form Global Oil & Gas Blockchain Consortium

Indian Government And IIM Lucknow to Host Blockchain Summit in India

Department of Science and Technology of India is going to hold Blockchain Summit in India in the year 2019. As per reports, the Government of India, L-Incubator, and IIM Lucknow have also joined hands to fulfill the mission. The to-do-list of the summit would be to educate the public about blockchain technology and tap on the hidden talent pool in India.