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hedera hashgraph and google's partnership can generate $1.9b

Google Partnership with Hedera Hashgraph Can Generate $1.9B by 2024

Independent research firm Fundstrat predicts that Hedera Hashgraph, the enterprise-grade public distributed ledger platform, could generate $1.9 billion in value across its network by 2014. Fundstart’s predictions are highlighted in their latest report, which analyzes Hedera’s recent growth. The report shows that Hedera’s platform has handled over 36 million transactions since September 2019 when the […]

Dell among the founding members of new iota working group

Dell Among Founding Members of IOTA Working Group

American computer giant Dell is among 15 companies joining the IOTA working group to explore how the firm’s “Tangle” technology can be integrated into commercial solutions. IOTA and Eclipse Foundation, the open-source software foundation, announced Tuesday the new Tangle EE working group will begin working on projects that can help develop viable commercial use-cases for […]

NITI Aayog release national blockchain strategy for India

NITI Aayog Releases Indian National Blockchain Strategy

NITI Aayog – the policy think tank of the Indian Govt. – releases its national blockchain policy draft paper “Blockchain: The India Strategy“. It explains different use cases of blockchain in India along with some conclusions from ongoing pilot projects. The Govt of India establishes NITI Aayog with the aim to achieve sustainable development goals. […]

walmart canada and dlt labs launch industrial blockchain application

Walmart Canada & DLT Labs Launch Industrial Blockchain Application

Walmart Canada in collaboration with DLT Labs has launched the world’s largest full production blockchain solution for any industrial application. The blockchain-based freight invoice and payment reconciliation solution is now rolling out across Walmart Canada’s 60 transportation carriers. Its primary goal is to increase trust, efficiencies, and savings between Walmart and its carriers. However, all […]

Azerbaijan to deploy Blockchain for Improving Efficiency of Utilities and Judicial System

Azerbaijan to deploy Blockchain for Improving Efficiency of its Utilities and Judicial System

In a recent news release, Azerbaijan has reportedly shown its interest in engaging blockchain in its utilities and judicial system to improve the efficiency of the fields. The news surfaced when Osman Gunduz, the Chairman of the Azerbaijani Internet Forum(AMF), announced that the country is interested to improve its working efficiency in utilities and judicial sectors using blockchain.

Hong Kong Exchanges join Digital Asset to Improve Trading Process

Hong Kong Exchange joins Digital Asset to improve Trading Process in China

Hong Kong Exchange and Clearing Limited(HKEX) has reportedly joined with Digital Asset to improve the trading process using Blockchain. The news surfaced when HKEX’s CEO Charles Xioajia Li discussed the exchange’s plan at a tech event in Hong Kong.