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How IoT Companies Use Blockchain for Making the Future Smarter?

Did you know that Internet-of-Things and Blockchain working together to make the world a better-connected place? Internet-of-Things may sound vague and opaque. However, that’s the best thing i.e. exploding this industry. To clarify, the Internet-of-Things (IoT) is a generalized term that explains how a smart device communicates with another. Firstly and most importantly, IoT is […]

Blockchain in Education

Potential Uses of Blockchain in Education

Education is the next industry that blockchain will revolutionize. Its global community features consensus, transparency, and permanence which is synonymous to the blockchain. Like education, blockchain not only intends to transfer just content but also the value inherent in that content…

Carrefour Provides Milk Tracking to Users Using Blockchain

Carrefour Provides Milk Tracking to Users Using Blockchain

Carrefour, the French multinational retailer, has now launched the second phase of plans which aims to track milk production and its life cycle using blockchain technology. Reportedly, the implementation of blockchain technology will allow the customers to find out various details, including the dairy farm GPS location, the feeding details of the cows, and the time and process of the packaging of the milk.

EkoLink Service to Help Recruiters Authenticate Certificates

EkoLink Launches Blockchain Platform to Ease Authentication of Certificates

EkoLink has announced the launch of EkoLink Service, a certificates verification platform that works on blockchain. The platform is claimed to allow recruiters check various details including the qualification, skill sets, and years of experience of a candidate in lesser time, hence preventing any kind of potential manipulations in the details. The Service is built on EKO Blockchain platform that uses Proof of Professional Stake consensus protocol and is compatible with EVM based Solidity smart contracts.

Russia’s Ministry of Education Introduces Blockchain-based Diamond Tracking Platform

Russia’s Ministry of Education Introduces Blockchain-based Diamond Tracking Platform

Russia’s Ministry of Education and Science (Minobrnauki) has developed a blockchain-based platform designed to track the authenticity of natural diamonds. The platform has been built by Bitcarat.com, a Russian startup, which uses advanced IT technologies and blockchain to differentiate between natural, synthetic and fake diamonds. It creates unique digital codes for diamonds which is shared with all participants via a distributed ledger that alerts them whenever manipulated.

Canadian Banking Group Eyes Blockchain to Safeguard User Data

Canadian Banking Group Eyes Blockchain to Safeguard User Data

The Canadian Banking Group (CBA) has revealed its plans to implement blockchain for safeguarding user data through a digital ID system. It is also intended to encourage the participation of fintech startups to share user data. Neil Parmenter, CEO of CBA, has also commented that using immutable technologies for ID systems is the need of the hour.

combank blokchain

ComBank joins with Ripple to create Blockchain-powered Transfers

The Commercial Bank of Ceylon has recently announced its collaboration with Ripple Blockchain for improving the transfer process. The leading bank of Sri Lanka eyes to enable virtually instant and super secure inward and outward blockchain technology-powered settlements to take place.


Three Big Reasons Why Blockchain Has A strong Future Hold

It will be no wrong to compare current Blockchain boom with late 90’s Dot Com bubble. The technology is just realizing its larger application on a broader aspect. Keeping the progress rate on vision, Forbes Technology Council has come up with some eyebrow-raising predictions. They’re saying Blockchain is going to be the next-gen Technology Godfather.