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Kraken Future Trading App Now Available on Android & iOS

The Kraken Future Trading App is all set to hit mobile users. Developed by the San Francisco based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, it is well-popular to provide cryptocurrency to fiat trading.  Understanding digital assets may seem confusing, but Kraken is here to help every newcomer in the cryptocurrency world. Kraken Future was first available for desktop […]


Can Stablecoins Bring Financial Stabilization? See What US Federal Reserve Says

Stablecoins! Are they here to bring financial stabilization? Or, leaving us in the same state we are now? Details explained here! Keep reading and you’ll get to know… The US Federal Reserve comes out with new findings of financial stability. Surprisingly, the US Federal Reserve is supporting the use of stablecoin wholeheartedly. Most of the […]

Indian State Police Warns Public Against Use of Crypto

Indian State Police Warns Public Against Use of Cryptos

The Police of Jammu and Kashmir, India, has issued a public statement that warns people against investing in cryptocurrencies. According to Business Standard, a local business newspaper, the police has alerted the public against the risks associated with Bitcoins and other cryptos. It has also informed people that cryptos are not sanctioned by the government.