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“Voice” Blockchain Social Media Platform Hires Ex-Forbes Exec as CEO

Voice, the decentralized social media platform, hires former Forbes executive Salah Zalatimo as its new CEO. Salah was working as the Chief Digital Officer at Forbes. The press release comes just now ahead of Voice’s upcoming beta launch. Salah joined Forbes in 2015 and lead a successful digital transformation there. As a result, it rebuilds […]

Ugandan Central Bank

Ugandan Central Bank Highlights Cryptocurrency Risk

The Ugandan Central Bank governor notifies the risk of investing in unregulated cryptocurrencies. The bank’s deputy governor highlighted the risks of unprotected trading of crypto and its limited protection. Therefore, there are more chances of suffering a loss of savings. Although bitcoin is designed as a politically-neutral-money, the governor emphasized the risks of crypto trading.

UNICEF to Use Blockchain For Providing Internet in Kyrgyzstan Schools

UNICEF to Leverage Blockchain to Provide Internet Facilities to Kyrgyzstan Schools

UNICEF has announced that the non-profit organization is looking forward to providing internet facilities in Kyrgyzstan schools using Blockchain Technology. The plan has been decided to be formulated under the Project Connect initiative currently working in Kyrgyzstan. The project is now in its pilot stage where it is undergoing through various trials.

Carrefour Provides Milk Tracking to Users Using Blockchain

Carrefour Provides Milk Tracking to Users Using Blockchain

Carrefour, the French multinational retailer, has now launched the second phase of plans which aims to track milk production and its life cycle using blockchain technology. Reportedly, the implementation of blockchain technology will allow the customers to find out various details, including the dairy farm GPS location, the feeding details of the cows, and the time and process of the packaging of the milk.

How dApp Development Influences Future of Transportation Industry?

How dApp Development Influences Future of Transportation Industry?

Due to easy-to-use interfaces and fast processings, Web-based and mobile applications have become the current trend. Every industry is keenly involved in developing feature loaded apps aimed at attracting more customers and growing their businesses. After seeing tremendous success of app-based businesses such as Uber, Netflix, Zomato, etc., there has been a steep rise in […]

Nasdaq Invests £15 Million Funding for

Nasdaq Steps Into Financial Blockchain Arena by Investing in, a developer of smart contracts, has received a funding of £15.29 Million during its series B financing round. The list of investors included big names such as Nasdaq Ventures, Galaxy Digital, Raptor Group, and Citi. As stated, along with funding, Nasdaq is looking forward to using Symbiont’s enterprise blockchain and smart contract platform for its clients, who are exploring for smart contract and tokenisation solutions.

Is Blockchain Hackable

Is Blockchain Hackable? Here’s the Long Story Short!

The hype of blockchain technology came into existence with the launch of Bitcoin in 2007. Since then, although cryptocurrencies have gone through several ups and downs, the blockchain craze has been steadily increasing. However, taking a closer look, you’ll realize that the real hype is all about the distributed ledger property of blockchain that makes it immutable and hack-proof. These systems use high-level encryption for data transfers, yet the question that arises is: Is blockchain really hack-proof?

US Health and Human Services to Implement Blockchain for Data Monitoring

US Health and Human Services to Implement Blockchain for Data Monitoring

The US Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) has disclosed the launch of HHS Accelerate, a blockchain-based data-monitoring tool. The solution is expected to help HHS officers in having better insight and visibility of the acquisition process, thereby reducing the cost and time of contracts acquisition.

Parity Technologies Launches Blockchain Development Tool

Parity Technologies Launches Blockchain Development Tool

Parity Technologies, a developer of blockchain infrastructures, has launched Substrate, a tool that helps users in developing customized blockchains for decentralized applications. The firm has integrated the tool with Polkadot, its blockchain interoperability protocol. It is written in the programming language Rust, while a JavaScript implementation can run in web browsers.