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Tether Sponsors Omni Layer: A New Version of Bitcoin Tokenization Layer

The stablecoin operator behind USDT, Tether starts funding the Omni Layer which is a new version of the Bitcoin tokenization layer. The company announces the release of Omni Core 0.7.0 through a press release. And, the entire development is going to sponsor by Tether. Reports come that the new version will reportedly enhance the network […]

Tech Firm Fluree Accumulates $4.7 million For New Blockchain Database

The blockchain and software development firm, Fluree has collected $4.7 million during its seed funding round. It aims to develop a new database system called FlureeDB. It is an immutable, time-ordered, decentralized blockchain based database system. The information comes from a report by a tech news outlet. The users can access the database on a […]

Mark Zuckerberg Hints on Enabling Facebook Login with Blockchain

Mark Zuckerberg Hints on Enabling Blockchain-based Facebook Login

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, in a recent interview with Jonathan Zittrain, a Harvard Law Professor,┬áhas revealed his plans to enable Facebook login using blockchain, which is expected to eliminate the need to depend on 3rd party services like Facebook Connect, a single sign-on app.┬áThe pros of the move include empowering the individuals to know when and how they might be giving consent to an entity to use their credentials.