Decentralized Ledger Technology

thank bitcoin in thanksgiving day

Should We Thank Bitcoin or Shouldn’t in this Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving day is for all! We should thank all of them who take part in changing our lives. Be it a person, a product, a service or something else, we need to turn our focus on people, things and events that make our lives better. And, provide reasons to feel grateful. While thanking family members […]

Decentralized Transaction Validation

IOTA Launches New Decentralized Transaction Validation System

The blockchain division of Internet of Things(IoT) has launched a new Decentralized Transaction Validation system. It goes by the name of  Coordicide. Its official website is now live for the public. The information regarding the development comes from the official blog post of IOTA. This system will handle transaction security. It will ensure the transactions […]

Top Consumer-centric Applications of Blockchain

Top Five Consumer-Centric Use Cases of Blockchain

Since its inception, Blockchain has been flooding the Internet with news on various partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, product launches, implementations and what not. Undeniably, the technology has been doing wonders in all the domains, from agriculture to financial systems. It is amazing to see the way blockchain has streamlined businesses and governance across the globe. Companies, nations, and experts have already claimed that the technology has a lot to offer to the humankind.