Digital Yuan Will Have Trouble Displacing Tether in Asia: Expert

China’s central bank’s digital currency is generally known as a way to challenge the supremacy of the US dollar, not Bitcoin (BTC). Yet acceptance in niches where crypto versions of the dollar flourish can be difficult to find, especially Tether (USDT). Charles Yang of Genesis Block explained at the Unitize panel on Monday why DCEP, […]

Crypto scam in Israel

Israeli Brothers Accused Of Bitfinex Crypto Exchange Hack

The cyber unit of the Israeli Police arrested two brothers for Bitfinex crypto exchange hack and other phishing attacks. These two brothers belong to Jerusalem, Israel. These two brothers are Eli Gigi and younger brother Assaf Gigi. They allegedly obtain access to other’s accounts and steal cryptocurrencies. These two brothers used to make cloning credentials […]

Binance joined hands with Cred

Binance Launches Decentralized Crypto Exchange Testnet

Binance has announced the launch of testnet of its new decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, Binance DEX. The exchange, which is based on Binance Chain, is now available for customers, and allows users to create wallets and exchange tokens on the Binance DEX testnet. The exchange is also claimed to support secure decentralized software and hardware wallets.