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South Korean MP Calls on Seoul to ‘Urgently’ Boost Crypto Innovation

A politician called on South Korea to “urgently” prioritise the development of crypto security technology. Stating that for the country, and the rest of the world, blockchain-powered finance is now an inevitable reality. At a Blockchain National Government Project event, sponsored by the Legislative Policy Research Group of the Parliament. And jointly hosted by Lee […]

Russian Government Blocks Anonymous Wallet Deposits

In a move that will affect 10 million users across the world, the Russian Federation has banned anonymous deposits to online wallets. The program is expected to curtail criminal activity, such as terrorist funding and the illicit drug trade, according to lawmakers. 10M anonymous wallets have been affected Online wallets are very popular in Russia, […]

India: TCS announces new crypto services solution, Quartz

TCS India Announces New Crypto Services, Quartz

India has an active crypto-community with numerous crypto-companies striving to develop the space. And working with regulators to develop appropriate guidance. After the Supreme Court overturned the Central Bank ‘s ban on banking, the crypto business got a new lease of life and the country also saw interest from many others in starting a new […]