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bitcoin scammers

No Stopping for Bitcoin Scammers! Focus Shift to Prepaid Debit Cards

Bitcoin scammers find their way to extort money. If one way shuts for them, other ways tremendously get open for them. Despite strict regulations, the crypto scammers are now abandoning the cryptocurrency stealing and shifting their focus to prepaid debit cards. Kaspersky Lab (the cybersecurity company) releases the original findings. In its recent blog post, […]

Dutch billionaire lodges complaint against Facebook

Dutch Billionaire Files A Complaint Against Facebook

A Dutch billionaire, John De Mol lodged a complaint against the social media giant Facebook. He is the creator of the shows “Big Brother” and The Voice. Mol claims that Facebook used his images in fraud crypto ads without his permission. This information comes from the  Reuters. According to the report, the platform was showing […]

Malware In The Crypto Trading

Indian Police Unearth Multi-million Dollar Cryptocurrency Scam

The scene of cryptocurrencies is quite bleak in India. Adding to the woe every other day some crypto scam is popping up in the region which further tarnishes the notion of crypto in the public. The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Gujarat has unearthed a multi-million dollar cryptocurrency scam. A certain Diveysh Darji has duped […]

Warning Against OneCoin

Australian Finance Regulator Issues Warning Against OneCoin

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission ASIC issues an official warning against OneCoin. It has also released a notice for the public. As per the official info, OneCoin has no registration or license within Australia. The firm doesn’t have the latest Australian Finance Services License.  Also, it doesn’t posses the Australian Credit License from the […]

Crypto Laundering Service

Europol Takes Down Crypto Laundering Service Bestmixer

In a joint attempt, Dutch authorities and Europol have taken down a crypto laundering service called Bestmixer. These platforms also go by the name of cryptocurrency tumbler. Basically, it is an anonymity tool that claims to transform transactions of non-private coins to private. It mixes crypto funds with others, which complicates the tracking of the […]

SIM Swap Hacking

US Crypto Investor Wins Lawsuit in Sim Swap Hacking Case

In the end, justice always triumphs. This statement stands true for Michael Terpin, as the US Crypto Investor Wins Lawsuit in the sim-swapping fraud case. Terpin will receive $75.8 million from accused  Nicholas Truglia of Manhattan in the form of compensation. Back in early 2018, the latter made use of sim swapping technique to steal […]