Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Crypto Exchange Benchmark

CryptoCompare Releases Crypto Exchange Benchmark To Rank The Exchanges

One of the leading providers of crypto data and indices CryptoCompare has released a Crypto Exchange Benchmark. The benchmark has ranked over 100 active global cryptocurrency exchanges. The company inferred that the most trusted exchanges at the moment are Coinbase, Poloniex, and Bitstamp. Other exchanges that made it at the top ten of the ranking are […]

Lightning Network Service

P2P Crypto Exchange HodlHodl Now Supports Lightning Network Service

The peer-to-peer crypto exchange HodlHodl recently announced the launch of Lightning Network Service on its mainnet. The announcement comes from a blog post. The exchange’s users will be able to purchase bitcoins (BTC) and receive direct transfers to their LN-enabled wallet. The developers at HodlHodl confirmed successful public testing of Lightning Network-based trading at […]

New Crypto-Exchanges in Malaysia

Securities Commission Registers 3 New Crypto-Exchanges in Malaysia

The Securities Commission (SC) has registered three new crypto-exchanges in Malaysia. It goes by the name Luno Malaysia, Sinergy Technologies, and Tokenize Technology. This is to establish and operate digital asset exchanges(DAX) in Malaysia. The three new recognized market operators (RMAs) are given 9 months to comply with all the country’s regulatory requirements. The operators […]

Social Media Site Voice

Block.One’s Social Media Site Voice Will Verify IDs Of All Users

The multibillion-dollar blockchain, recently announced about its new social media site Voice. Its major feature is verification of users against their government IDs. It will encourage genuine users by keeping the bots off of its sites. The announcement comes from Brendan Blumer, CEO of Blumer stated that the company is aiming for a […]

Japanese Crypto Exchange TaoTao

Japanese Crypto Exchange TaoTao will Launch Trading Soon

The Japanese Crypto Exchange TaoTao will soon begin trading from 30th May 2019. This info comes from the platform’s official Twitter handle. Popular search engine Yahoo owns 40% of TaoTao. As per hearsays, the company has invested a massive $2 billion dollar for TaoTao. The exchange will support trading of Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, XRP and […]

New Cryptocurrency Regulation

New Cryptocurrency Regulation in Chile Will be Implemented Soon

The Govt. of Chile will soon introduce new cryptocurrency regulations for empowering the related business as well as security. The official announcement comes from Chilean finance minister Felipe Larraín. He mentions that the new cryptocurrency regulation will be beneficial to business running over various domains. The rules will be in accordance with the business models […]

Is Blockchain Hackable

Is Blockchain Hackable? Here’s the Long Story Short!

The hype of blockchain technology came into existence with the launch of Bitcoin in 2007. Since then, although cryptocurrencies have gone through several ups and downs, the blockchain craze has been steadily increasing. However, taking a closer look, you’ll realize that the real hype is all about the distributed ledger property of blockchain that makes it immutable and hack-proof. These systems use high-level encryption for data transfers, yet the question that arises is: Is blockchain really hack-proof?