Cryptocurrency exchange

Crypto Exchange Benchmark

CryptoCompare Releases Crypto Exchange Benchmark To Rank The Exchanges

One of the leading providers of crypto data and indices CryptoCompare has released a Crypto Exchange Benchmark. The benchmark has ranked over 100 active global cryptocurrency exchanges. The company inferred that the most trusted exchanges at the moment are Coinbase, Poloniex, and Bitstamp. Other exchanges that made it at the top ten of the ranking are […]

Lightning Network Service

P2P Crypto Exchange HodlHodl Now Supports Lightning Network Service

The peer-to-peer crypto exchange HodlHodl recently announced the launch of Lightning Network Service on its mainnet. The announcement comes from a blog post. The exchange’s users will be able to purchase bitcoins (BTC) and receive direct transfers to their LN-enabled wallet. The developers at HodlHodl confirmed successful public testing of Lightning Network-based trading at […]

New Crypto-Exchanges in Malaysia

Securities Commission Registers 3 New Crypto-Exchanges in Malaysia

The Securities Commission (SC) has registered three new crypto-exchanges in Malaysia. It goes by the name Luno Malaysia, Sinergy Technologies, and Tokenize Technology. This is to establish and operate digital asset exchanges(DAX) in Malaysia. The three new recognized market operators (RMAs) are given 9 months to comply with all the country’s regulatory requirements. The operators […]

Physical Crypto Exchange in Mexico

Amero-Isatek to Start Physical Crypto Exchange in Mexico

The first physical crypto exchange in Mexico is all set to start on June 21. The company Amero Isatek will first open the crypto exchange in Nuevo León, Monterrey. It will soon expand into seven other cities in Mexico. The firm expects the exchanges can server 800,000 plus Central Mexico based crypto users. The crypto […]

Coinbase's President Steps Down

Coinbase’s President Steps Down: Second Major Exit For The Firm

Asiff Hirji, Coinbase’s President steps down from his post and has departed the firm. It is the latest in a string of executive-level officers to leave Coinbase in 2019. This information comes from Bloomberg. Asiff Hirji joined the company in December 2017 to help drive the firm’s entrance into new markets. He previously worked for […]

Wired Author Comments, Blockchain Replaces Trust on Technology

Wired Author Argues That Blockchain Does Not Replace Trust Concerns

Wired, an American online magazine, has published an article that discusses the trust factor claimed by blockchain-powered ecosystems. It has criticized that blockchain does not eliminate the trust from centralized systems, rather displaces it from institutions and social conventions onto the technology. Bruce Schneier, the author of the article, has argued that though bitcoin eliminates the trusted intermediaries that are characteristic of fiat currencies, yet users have to trust bitcoin as well.

Coinbase Reports Double Spend Attacks on Ethereum Classic Blockchain Worth $1 Million

Coinbase Reports Double Spend Attacks on Ethereum Classic Blockchain Worth $1 Million

Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange, has reported about the detection of a series of reorganizations of the Ethereum Classic (ETC) blockchain and several double spends on the network. Per reports, the double spends were worth of about 219,500 ETC (~$1.1M). In response, the exchange immediately suspended its interactions with the ETC blockchain to protect customers’ funds.

Nasdaq and Fidelity Invest $27.5 million in New Cryptocurrency Exchange

Nasdaq and Fidelity Invest $27.5 million in New Cryptocurrency Exchange

Nasdaq Ventures and Fidelity Investments have invested an amount of $27.5 million in ErisX, a new cryptocurrency exchange. Keeping in view the regulatory matters, the company has stated that it will utilze the latest investment from Nasdaq and Fidelity to create a more secure environment for digital assets.