bitcoin lightning payment

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Explored New Way to Sending Private Messages

The new findings on Bitcoin suggest that Bitcoin’s lightning network can now send private messages. Let’s check the truth behind it… Joost Jager, the famous Lightning Labs developer, has unveiled an experimental and new proof of concept last week called Whatsat. It’s a new version of Bitcoin’s lightning that can send private messages. As soon […]


Why Should You Focus on Blockchain Technology and Forget about Cryptocurrencies in Future?

The cryptocurrencies we are aware of to date make use of a decentralized network called blockchain technology. Blockchain records and documents every digital transaction take place inside the network using a particular digital currency. Blockchain technology is a digital transaction ledger which maintains identical copies across each member computer operating within the network. Anyone willing […]

Crypto in Cuba

Crypto in Cuba: Adoption and Challenges

The economic sanctions by the United States have paved the way for the usage of crypto in Cuba. However, cryptocurrencies are facing numerous challenges.┬áThis includes a lack of regulations, limited access to crypto exchanges and the growth of gold-backed MLM stablecoin…

Cryptocurrency ATMs

Cryptocurrency ATMs will now require a license in this US state

Cryptocurrency ATMs in Nevada will now require a license from the Nevada Financial Institutions Division (NFID). This decision follows as State legislators failed to approve Senate bill No. 195 that proposed the licensing of crypto ATMs businesses…

US House of Representatives

US House of Representatives gets new crypto tax bill

United States House of Representatives has introduced a tax bill that will allow the exclusion of gain or loss on like-kind exchanges of virtual currency. The bill is called ”virtual value tax fix act of 2019”. Ted Budd, a Republican Congressman from North Carolina, decided to reintroduce this crypto tax bill.

Bitcoin Price in Zimbabwe

Bitcoin Price in Zimbabwe Touches A Whopping $76,000

Though bitcoin value is hovering in & around $10,000 for the rest of the world, in Zimbabwe 1 bitcoin bears a value of $76,000. Recently, there has been a ban imposed on local trading in foreign fiat currencies. , If someone is buying Bitcoin from outside of the nation he is seeing the asking price for a bitcoin is over $50,000…